Charlotte Osei Is to Blame for Aspirants Disqualification; She Should Resign! – Martin Amidu

Some notable stakeholders are not taking lightly, the recent hitches that have occurred in the electoral system, regarding the errors made by some presidential aspirants in filing their nomination forms. Erstwhile Attorney General, Martin Amidu suggests that the Chairperson Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei, should have resigned over the irregularities.

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According to him, the EC boss ought to have put in place adequate measures to avoid such irregularities. He stated that Charlotte Osei erred in her failure to educate aspirants on the process of filling their nomination forms and should be held accountable for the errors, which led to the disqualification of 13 of the 17 aspirants.

Martin Amidu
Former AG Martin Amidu.

The EC on October 10, disqualified Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom of PPP, Nana Konadu Rawlings of NDP, and 11 other [See Full List] aspirants from contesting for the presidency. Most of the reasons for their disqualification revolve around errors made in the filling of their respective nomination forms.

But former AG Martin Amidu has raised eyebrows on the EC’s actions which according to him, need to be looked into to avoid a recurrence of such massive disqualification. In a statement, Amidu expatiated on how the EC erred in the disqualification of the 13 aspirants.

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He stated that instead of rushing to disqualify them, which is contrary to the rule of law, Charlotte Osei should have resigned for failing in her functions to educate the aspirants on the complex nomination electoral process and its purpose.

He stated that despite the EC’s seemingly legitimate reasons for the disqualification, closer analysis revealed that the Commission by failing to grant the aspirants a chance to correct the errors, had no ‘legal authority’ to nullify their nominations.

Martin Amidu also noted that it is something very shameful for the EC and the country as a whole, that only 4 out of 17 political parties were able to understand and complete the nomination forms without error.

EC’s disqualification of the presidential aspirants gave rise to an uproar especially among affected political parties, most of whom opined that the commission’s action was an abuse of powers. Three of the aspirants; Nduom, Konadu and Ayariga of APC have all filed separate suits in court, challenging their disqualification.

However, out of the three, only Nduom has had his hopes raised, as an Accra High Court ordered the EC on Friday, to allow him to amend the errors on his forms and resubmit them for consideration by the Commission.