Bizarre! EC Planning to Use Ambulances to Rig Elections for NDC – Owusu Bempah

Less than two weeks to the polls, more allegations on EC rigging plans keep trooping in from various opposition groups and individuals…

And this time around, Communications Director of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah accuses the Electoral Commission of planning to use ambulances to facilitate their rigging plans!

The NDC Communications Director leveled this bizarre allegation against the EC while speaking on Neat Fm’s morning show, ‘Ghana Montie’. According to Bempah, the EC plans to use ambulances to convey illegal ballot boxes for the manipulation of election figures in favour of the NDC.

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Owusu Bempah argued that the Electoral Commission is bent on using any possible means to see that the election results favour the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). He further argued that ambulances have got no task to perform at the polling units, but are just part of the EC rigging plans. He vowed that he and his colleagues will never allow any of the ‘diabolical agenda’ of the EC to favour the NDC in the election to be carried out.

…They have arranged for ambulance to carry out this operation but it won’t work. We will stop and inspect any ambulance at every polling station. No ambulance will be allowed. Ambulance and elections have no related business, he fumed.

Owusu Bempah however, urged all concerned to conduct a free and fair election so as to forestall any form of chaos that may arise from a contrary delivery.

More on EC Rigging Plans Allegations

Several fingers have pointed at the Electoral Commission since the onset of activities being made towards the 2016 general elections. We will not quickly forget, what the Electoral Commission went through under the voter register cleaning brouhaha. With that put to rest, new accusations have continued to troop in – all pointing at alleged plans by the EC to rig the election to favour the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

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Although the loudest accusers have been the NPP; former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, despite being a member of the NDC, has continued to stress that something fishy is going on between the EC and the government as regards the imminent election.

Whatever happens, all concerned Ghanaians can only be advised to be on guard to protect and defend their rights which is invested in their votes.

It’s 11 days before Ghana decides!!!