EC’s Disqualification: “Progressives Won’t Give Up Easily, We Will Press On” – Nduom

The Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party, Papa Kwesi Nduom has reacted to the recent EC’s disqualification of about 13 political parties from contesting in the 2016 elections of which his party is part.

The Electoral Commission (EC) yesterday [Monday], disqualified PPP’s Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, NDP’s Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and 11 other presidential candidates [see full list here].

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This has led to agitations among the affected political parties, most of whom have opined that the EC’s act is an abuse of power. However, the EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei who made the announcement at a news conference, said that the disqualified candidates failed to meet the necessary requirements, hence their ineligibility to contest.

Most of the reasons for the disqualifications according to a statement released by the Commission borders around filing anomalies such as fraudulent signatures, improper filling of nomination forms, and absence of required number of signatures. PPP’s Dr Nduom was specifically disqualified because the number of subscribers to his forms did not meet the requirements of Regulation 7 (2) (b) of CI 94. The details are as follows:

  • One subscriber Richard Aseda (‘Asida’ on the Voters’ Register), with Voter ID no 7812003957) endorsed the forms in two different districts (pages 21 and 39).
  • The subscriber was found to be on the Voter’s Register in one district thereby disqualifying his second subscription and reducing the total number of subscribers to below the minimum required by the Law.
  • The same subscriber (Richard Aseda (‘Asida’) endorsed the form with different signatures in both portions of the nomination form. This raises questions as to the legitimacy of one or both signatures.

The EC also indicated that it will refer the matter of the possible forgery of the signature(s) to the Ghana Police Service and the Attorney General for investigation and prosecution in line with the following sections of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29):

  • Section 211: Perjury
  • Section 248: making false declaration etc. for office or voting
  • Section 251: Deceiving a public officer
  • Section 256: Corruption, Intimidation and personation in respect of election.

Reacting to this development, Paa Nduom took to his twitter page to express his party’s relentlessness in the race. He tweeted: “PROGRESSIVES DO NOT GIVE UP THAT EASILY. WE WILL PRESS ON!”

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Also reacting to the EC’s disqualification, Nana Konadu of the National Democratic Party (NDP) expressed her readiness to fight the Electoral Commission over the issue. She criticised the Commission’s action as “a clear and blatant act against democracy” and stated categorically that she is not going to quit!

We’ll keep you updated with latest information on the issue.