‘EC’s New Logo Represents Its Independence’ – Charlotte Osei At The Launch Of New Logo

According to Charlotte Osei, the EC’s New Logo reminds the commission of the values needed for its work.

The controversies surrounding the new logo of the Electoral Commission as can be seen, is really not a problem to the EC. EC boss Charlotte Osei has said that the commission will maintain the new logo. According to her, the EC’s New Logo reminds the commission of the values needed for its work.

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Charlotte Osei who spoke at the launch of the logo and the Commission’s five-year strategic plan, took out time to expatiate on the reasons why the commission struck out the old one. However, features in the old logo which critics have argued their removal are the same features the commission sought to remove.

On the Coat of Arms and ballot box, she explained that the decision to move away from the old logo which featured the Coat of Arms and a ballot box was to separate them from the authority of the state. She also stated that the mandate of the EC went beyond the ballot box. In her words, she said that the Coat of Arms “does not speak to the independence, legal and functional independence of the commission.”

Charlotte Osei amid the criticisms pointed out that the Commission is satisfied with the new logo, and that it represents what it stands for, contrary to what critics have been saying.EC's new logo

Lots of criticisms have ensued following the unveiling of EC’s New Logo. Different critics have been pushing that the old one be maintained as it has a better representation of the commission’s values. Some also jeered at the quality as well as the arrangement of the new logo.

Having seen the new logo during a workshop, some Media Practitioners pushed for the commission to maintain the old one. One of the critics had described the new logo as childish and inappropriate.