See What Effects Being Sole Breadwinners Has On Men & Women 

A latest study has discovered that men who are sole breadwinners in their marriages, face negative psychological and health effects.

According the study released on Friday, August 19, by University of Connecticut sociologists, as men take on a greater share of economic responsibility in their marriage, they reported greater strains on their well-being and health.

Hence, in the years where men were their family’s sole breadwinner, their psychological and health outcomes were at their worst.

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In most African cultures, a man is expected to work hard and provide the basic necessities for his family. But the lead author Christin Munsch, said, “providing for one’s family with little or no help has negative repercussions.”

She stated further that the study about how gender plays out in marriage, also focuses on ways in which women are disadvantaged.

They discovered that it has the opposite effect on women. Women’s psychological well-being and happiness improves as they take on a greater financial responsibilities in their marriages.

Munsch said,

“Women may approach breadwinning as an opportunity or choice,” . “Women as breadwinners may feel a sense of pride, without worrying what others will say if they can’t or don’t maintain it.

“After all, they have accomplished something rare for their gender. Should they fail to maintain this status, however, they have less to lose than men in the same position, based on social expectations.”

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The study concluded that maybe bread winning provokes anxiety among men who wants more equitable arrangements in marriage. But has little effect on men who desire more traditional arrangement (housewife).

And similarly, economy dependency may elicit anxiety among women who prefer egalitarian marriages, but not among women who prefer more traditional arrangements.