Stop Sleeping With Movie Directors And Producers For Roles – Emelia Brobbey Lectures Upcoming Actresses

Ghana’s renowned actress, Emelia Brobbey lectures intending and up-coming actresses on self-respect. According to her, It does no good to anyone’s career exchanging sex for a role.

Speaking at a show on J.Life Fm, the veteran actress frowned at actresses who in a bid to get a roles in movies, resort to offering their bodies for such. Emelia Brobbey was of the opinion that upcoming actresses should be vigilante and clever enough to know when a producer has nothing to offer because there are some dubious ones out there.

They should forget any producer or director who will demand for s*x before giving them roles…they should learn and follow our steps. Sleeping with someone won’t help you in any way.” she said.

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She continued that there were good movie producers out there who are objective when it comes to finding which person fits a particular role. Buttressing her point further, Emelia Brobbey said that anyone who offers her body for a role is actually bringing her movie career to ruins

Movie is business, so if he sleeps with you and you didn’t deliver after having the role…I don’t think you will have another role again. It’s your talent that will make you a star and not by sleeping with movie producers and directors.” she continued.

Emelia Brobbey encouraged wanna-be and upcoming actresses to continue to persevere in their journey to stardom, adding that the dynamics differ from person to person. She said that for one it may require several trials or moves to finally get there, while for another it could be just a single move.

She however, expressed her disappointment on hearing about cases of women sleeping with producers and directors over a role in their movies. According to her, ”it brings down the reputation of women”. The movie star intensively stressed on the issue during J.Life Fm’s Entertainment Chart Show. Emelia Brobbey is one movie star whose opinion cannot be overlooked in a hurry.

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