10 Things You Should Know About Emelia Brobbey

The Ghanaian acting industry is full of beautiful actresses one of whom is Emelia Brobbey. Emilia is a darling of the modern Ghallywood actress and rightly so. This Ghanaian princess is blessed with extreme beauty; no wonder she is appearing in one movie after another. So, how much do you know about Emelia Brobbey?

It is easy to imagine that you know your stars too well. Many a times, some people can’t even say the middle name of their favourite actors, people they watch on the screens on a daily basis. At times the information becomes scarce with not much being availed to the public. But that can’t be said of Emelia Brobbey. This lady has been at the centre of quite a few controversies; she shouldn’t have escaped anyone’s attention.

Emelia Brobbey 1

Here are 10 Things You Should Know about Emelia Brobbey.

1. She was born on the 6th January

Emelia was born 6th January to Miss Selina Amponsah of Akim Swedru in the east of Ghana and Mr. Samuel P. Brobbey. January is always a lucky month, many stars are actually born ether in January or December so it seems the star in Emilia was actually born inside her.

2. She grew up in Akyem Swedru

Unlike most superstars who grow in the city or a major urban center, this lady wasn’t born in that kind of luxury. Akyem Swedru is found in the eastern region of Ghana in Birim South District. She actually went to Akyem Swedru School for S.S.C.E.

3. She is a Teacher by Training

She trained as a teacher at the Presbyterian Teachers Training College for a whole 3 years where she graduated with a Teachers Cert ‘A’. Emelia was always hard working which is evident in her performance. She was indeed such a bright student.

Emelia Brobbey 2

4. She also has a diploma in journalism, an ICM Certificate in Broadcast Journalism and a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management

She joined Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration GIMPA in 2007 to pursue a degree in Human Resource Management and consequently graduated in 2010. During this period, Emelia also engaged in acting.

5. She once upon a time recited poems at funerals

known for her acting prowess and unrivalled courage, the little girl found herself reciting poems at funerals for cash. This would have seemed exploitative back then but the actress believes it is part of what finally made her what she is today. It helped her work on recitation techniques from such an early age while she also learned to cope with the demands of stage performance.