Emelia Brobbey’s Husband Takes A Bow; Grab the Gist Here

Rumours circulating the media at the moment say that Emelia Brobbey’s husband, Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng has secretly gotten married to another woman. Dr Boateng is the founder of Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic. According to some sources the man was seen putting a ring on the finger of another woman.

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Dr Boateng in the picture is seen in a traditional attire with the woman. The doctor and Emelia share a son. It has also been said that Emelia Brobbey’s husband is her backbone in terms of finances. With this development then, Emelia can be said to stand the risk of being neglected by her baby’s daddy.

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However, in another dimension, it is rumoured that Emelia Brobbey have been having an affair with another man. Hence, some sort of back up for this rumour. Put logically, Dr Boateng is getting out of his union with Emilia probably after getting a sneak peek of her affairs.

Emelia Brobbey's husband seen engaging another woman
Emelia Brobbey’s husband seen engaging another woman

From the photo gotten from GhanaCelebrities.Com which sees Doc putting a ring on the finger of a beautiful woman, it seems the two got married in a secret ceremony. It is clearly known that Doc is not a twin (unless he actually is) and that he is the one in  the picture. If this is not a movie, then Emelia has got some serious rival. However none of the parties involved has come out to make any affirmation.

Meanwhile Emelia Brobbey is really busy with her ‘Save the Orphan’ concert which is slated for May 15. The concert which will take place at Golden Tulip hotel is directed at raising funds for an Orphanage home. We sincerely hope this would not be a set back for the Royal Africa Awards Best African Act winner.