Explosion In Instanbul, Turkey, Leaves Several People Dead And Others Injured

Istanbul’s Central Sultanahmet Square, Turkey experienced an explosion today. Though the cause of the explosion is not yet clear, the police have sealed off the area and have been working to secure the area since the explosion. Investigations have also kicked off to discover the cause of the explosion.

Turkish reports say there have been a number of casualties. There have also been speculations in some Turkish reports about the explosion being caused by a suicide bomber, hence one of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s  (ISIS) escapades. The unforgettable bomb blasts in Ankara also contributes to this speculation.


Latest reports suggest attack was carried out by a female whose name is still unknown. It was also gathered that French, Norwegian and German tourists are among victims of the deadly explosion.

It could be recalled that Turkey is still recovering from the two deadly blasts which took place in October 2015 by some suicide bombers, with yet another suspected link to ISIS. It is strongly envisaged that these speculations might be true. It has also been reported that some foreigners were among the recorded casualties from the explosion with Germans, Peruvians, and Norwegians inclusive. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his speech, condemned the attack and urged the people to stand together as they maintain their stand against terrorism. He believes the explosion was a terrorist attack because Turkey has Zero tolerance to terrorism which, terror groups according to him do not find funny.

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Instanbul is located in North Western Turkey, it is one of the world’s biggest metropolises, a hub for tourists across the world. Consequently, Turkey just can be said to  experience a down-time with regards to tourism, as this will definitely have an impact on their tourism industry.This can be said because tourism is one of Turkey’s greatest assets.