Facebook Lite Reaches 100 Million Users, Now Growing Faster Than Facebook App

Oh some haven’t realized, Facebook Lite is a stripped down version of the Facebook app designed for people who might have poor Internet connections, or low quality smartphones. This stripped-down version of the social networking app that was launched in 2015, has officially become the fastest growing version of Facebook, with up to 100 million users across the globe.

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Facebook Lite app according to Facebook addresses the needs of about 100 million people in the world, many of whom do not have access to 3G or 4G networks. The app was developed and enhanced with a lot of research in India, which is the company’s second-largest market in the world. India’s multilingualism also availed the localization of the app in over 56 languages.

Facebook said it is most popular in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines, but it is available in 150 countries. It is smaller than 1MB and uses less data than the full-fledged Facebook app. Also to ensure speed, it does not have videos, and its users are always required to download Facebook Messenger separately.

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Since the launch of the app, Facebook Lite has incorporated several new multimedia-rich features  that take it closer to the parent app, without compromising on data efficiency.These refer to recent platforms for videos, multiple photo uploads, pinch-to-zoom for photos, and emojis. Facebook has also reduced app load times by 25 percent, quite a lot of improvement over the nine months it was launched.Facts reveal that of all the  U.S. companies, Facebook is one of the most attuned to emerging markets.

Another feature which is set to be introduced in Facebook Lite, is the ‘Play Later’ which will allow users download video in the background and notify them it has finished downloading. This and many more are to come soon according to Facebook. With these then, Facebook Lite users just can’t wait for to enjoy the new developments.

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