Fake Ghanaian Doctors: Police Arrest 19 Medical Practitioners Without Licence

Fake Ghanaian Doctors -The Police and Medical and Dental Council have arrested19 fake doctors who have been practicing without medical certificates since January 2016.

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The Registrar of the Council, Dr. Eli Kwasi Atikpui, explained that some of the fake doctors have been practicing since 2016 without medical certificates.

Answering a question about how such fake doctors get into the system, Dr. Atikpui said some of them inherited the clinics from their parents. One of the fake Ghanaian Doctors who was caught the Registrar had been arrested in 2013, convicted and fined.

It happened that He was at the St. Joseph Hospital but after he paid the fine, he changed the name to Family Community Hospital and continued practicing.

He continued with the illegal business until he was finally caught yet again. He has been arraigned before a Hohoe Circuit Court and jailed for 17 years.

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There are five other cases which have been determined by the court with those found guilty handed different jail terms and fines. Fourteen other cases are still under investigations.

So far 14 of such cases are still under investigations, with five culprits already trialed and handed fines and jail terms after being found to be guilt by the court.

The Medical and Dental Council has said that from next year will issue certificates with special features to doctors to aid in easily identifying the fake ones. This will also help reduce the number of medical doctors operating without a license.

Practicing a professional discipline especially that of health without a license is legal in all ramifications except for exceptional cases.

A person offering their services in the medical field ought to be licensed and is also obliged to show this license to the public, as the public has the right to know.

Anyone who claims to have a license and refuses to identify themselves properly by first and last name can possibly lose any one or all of their licenses.