President Mahama’s Little Daughter Praises and Consoles Dad on Election Defeat; Her Message Will Melt Your Heart

President Mahama’s little daughter, Farida Mahama is at it again! This time, the ‘Daddy’s bunny boo’ has written a message to her dad, praising as well as encouraging him to ‘take heart’ after he lost the election.

Incumbent President John Dramani Mahama who was flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2016 presidential election, lost to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the major opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). Mahama got 44.40% of the votes as against Nana Addo who garnered 53.85% to win the election.

The President during his tenure evidently embarked on massive infrastructural development across the country in form of roads, schools, hospitals, markets and the likes. Some people who recognised his hard work has since been singing his praises, even after his defeat.

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It is to this group that the President’s favorite daughter, Farida Gyamfua Mahama belongs. She has therefore written a very emotional message to her dad, praising him for his hard work in changing and transforming the lives of Ghanaians. She also expressed her love for him, pointing out to him the need to take heart and not let the defeat weigh him down. For Farida, the important thing is that her daddy has done his best! She wrote;

I have faith in my daddy, God has faith in my daddy. Daddy has worked so hard to change lives and transform Ghana, he has done so many things, schools, roads. He has done all the things he needs to do not to say even more. He has done his best and that is the important thing.

Mahama shared the lovely message on his Instagram page. See original post below.


However, many other Ghanaians have argued that they are undergoing untold hardship under the Mahama-led administration; owing to very high tax rates, utility bills, national borrowing and indebtedness and dwindling economic growth. They therefore decided to vote for his major rival who promised a total CHANGE in the country’s economy. Consequently, Mahama will be handing over government to Akufo-Addo on January 7, 2107.

Farida Mahama, the President’s last daughter has always done very surprisingly fascinating things at every turn of her father’s life. We have not yet forgotten her heart-warming message to Mahama on his mother’s death few months ago. The 8-year-old girl had then told her dad: “Smile; you lost your mother, but you have me”.

Also, during the 2016 campaign, she never let her creative talent go unnoticed as she made a very beautiful campaign poster with the inscription; “JM TOASO: God will make it happen; I love u dad.” See photo below.