Fashionable And Conservative Wears For Ramadan

Ramadan is time of prayers, self-reflection and basically a rethink of one’s life style and emulate one more beneficial that would be more appealing to Allah as you become closer to God and more. At this point, there are a lot of things one has to do in a time as holy and delicate as this, and everything becomes under the Microscope from your eating lifestyle to your dressing, friends, relationships and much more. That being said, it is important to know that one cannot wear the same kind of clothing that one would throw on casually at this time of prayer and fasting, although the Koran advises to carry on your daily activities as you would every day, there are a lot of clothing that are very fashionable yet very conservative and would function both ways. During Ramadan, men and women are expected to stop fashionable dresses but the purpose is to cover the Head, shoulders, knees, midriffs and chests. If you are not a fan of looking too closed up or too restricted here are some options that you will love and appreciate and not only are they functional and fashionable, they are also very conservative and would pass as great looks for you not just for Ramadan but your regular life.

Midi Floral Skirts:

Floral Midi Skirt

Midi Floral Skirts are very fashionable options to go for in a time where you are looking to keep conservative, and even though you do not want to be wrongly dressed or inappropriate in anyway, the midi floral skirt is the best option to go for. They are best for any body type and decent is definitely the key word.

Wide-sleeved Abayas:

Abayas are stylish elegant women’s clothing that is decent and very conservative and if you are not looking to stress yourself with pieces and options that would match, abayas are perfect, the come in different colors and can go with any casual outing.

Cape dresses:

Cape dresses

Any one that is aware of Fashion in recent times will be able to give you a detailed explanation on how fashionable and in vogue Cape dresses are at the moment. They are the ultimate look and the fact that they are conservative and decent is the halo of every woman’s look.  They are perfect for events, casual outing or even work, only but a few women can grasp the perfection that this look projects, although cape dresses are not particularly mass production outfits, because you can find them mostly in couture and sartorial options, so you can imagine our surprise and excitement when we stumbled upon them on Kaymu.



Jalabs started as conventional clothing that Muslim men and women wore, today they are generally accepted even by Christians and in recent times they are not just Jalabs, they are fashion pieces that you can throw a trench coat on and look smashing and covered up as possible yet stylish and chic. This is a must have for every fashionable Muslim woman.

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Salwar Kameez:


This is a combination of pants and a seamless shirt that come in exquisite and exotic colors, you need not look for floral or patterned tops or conventional clothing that you put on when you have something as fashionable and classy like this to throw on. Style is mostly not what you wear but how you wear it and you can always distinguish yourself this Ramadan by looking your best. The Salwar Kameez is perfect for every woman, they cover up the right place and they are easier to wear compared to the Indian Saree.

Although Ramadan is a point where one is expected to live life based on what the less privileged feels but when you are going about your daily activities these looks come in handy and the fact that they best suit into the idea of covering up is better than constantly thinking of what to wear every day and not completely enjoying your self-reflection period.