KKD’s Gay Son: Broadcaster Throws Weight Behind Homosexual Son Against All Odds

KKD’s Gay Son -For people who have one or two negative things to say about KKD’s son’s no-longer-a-secret sexuality, ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) has some words of advice for you.

For the record, KKD is not only proud of his son but also supports him for disclosing his gay sexuality. Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, who is a model, opened up about being gay in a digital magazine, intomore.com.

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KKD's Gay Son

In an interview with the magazine, KKD’s gay son took time to talk about how he used to hide his sexuality from his family since he was living under the roof of his parents.

Darkwah said he had a difficult time coming out about his sexuality and that, he used to hide it and remembered instances when he used to be very quiet, obedient and often stayed in his room so that he will not be noticed while living with his parents.

Darkwah’s confirmation became a subject of discussion on various media platforms with some stakeholders appearing to be sympathetic with the ace broadcaster whom they assumed was pained by his son’s decision.

His confirmation also drew attention to the long forgotten dirt under KKD’s carpet -his alleged rape case which took the media by storm in 2015.

KKD Backs His Son

But reacting to the story, KKD declared his undying love and support for his son.

Come joy or pain, sunshine or rain, success or failure, I will always love my son Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah and my daughter Ohemaa Asokwa Kyei-Darkwah. My love, care and devotion to my children are non-negotiable.

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In a very lengthy post on Facebook, KKD also bemoaned the negative comments that have greeted his son’s trending revelation as well the criticisms hurled at his family since Darkwah came out.

KKD, however, deleted the post few hours after it went viral. It was reported that after the post attracted lots of negative comments the broadcaster deleted it from his Facebook page.

Don’t Let Your Gay Son Come To Ghana – Maurice Ampaw Tells KKD

Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw was one of the stakeholders who took the side of caution when he opined on Darkwah’s revelation.

Ampaw advised KKD not to allow his son, step foot in Ghana his home country as his sexual confession is a threat to the Ghanaian youth.

According to the controversial lawyer, KKD’s son “should stay abroad with his gay life and should not come to Ghana because if he comes to Ghana, he is now a sacrilege to the country”