FDA Investigates Earlier Reports Of Millipedes In Palm Oil

The FDA has recently said it has commenced investigations into the recent discovery of palm oil traders allegedly putting millipedes into their oil. The FDA while doing this is equally doing the needful to protect the health of consumers. This was made known in a recent report released by the FDA in Accra.

”The FDA considers the alleged soaking of millipedes in palm oil as unscientific and unacceptable practice and warns perpetrators to desist from such acts,” it read.

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The FDA had also revealed that word of the menace got to them when they came across the news on the Daily Mirror Newspaper, with the caption: “Health Alert! Millipedes in our palm oil.”.

The news publication on the newspaper said that some students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) had carried out research on the issue by conducting a market survey on four different markets, which revealed that some palm oil  some traders add millipedes to palm oil to give it a sweet taste and a red colour. The survey was able to indicate this from testimonies from some of the trades who say that because customers prefer the oil to be very bright, adding millipedes to the oil a night before sale, helped them give the customers what they wanted.

The confessed that it was a secret weapon that boost their sale so that they don’t go to the market and end up no selling their products. More so, research equally showed that there are grave health consequences to eating a millipede infested oil as some millipedes are poisonous and may cause damage in the body that may take a while to be diagnosed.

The FDA with these discoveries, has decided to handle the matter and sanction the perpetrators of this act. The FDA, has however encouraged the public not to hesitate to alert the authority if they find anyone indulging in this act. They have equally made available some contact numbers available to the public to alert them on if ever they find a trader who still engages in the act.

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The FDA had earlier declared palm oil safe for consumption after series of investigations were carried out in December 2015. This was after some traders who were selling adulterated palm oil were arrested. They were said to have mixed it with a substance dangerous to people’s health. The FDA however has to come up with improved strategies to put this menace to an end.