Final Year University of Ghana Student Dies after Jumping from Hostel 4th Floor [Graphic Images]

While a lot of women are celebrating themselves and being celebrated today – the International Women’s Day, a final year UG student ends her own life in the most bizarre manner, for reasons yet to be known… 

A very tragic incident occurred at the Legon campus of the University of Ghana in the early hours of today [Wednesday, 8th March] when a final year student, Jennifer Nyarko fell down from one of the hostels’ balcony, smashing her skull – an incident that saw her dead on the spot.

23-year-old Jennifer Nyarko, who is a 400 level student of Consumer Science, reportedly jumped down from a balcony on the 4th floor of the Akuafo Hall Annex A, room 407 before 5: 00 am. Unfortunately, nobody was around to stop her or to forestall the fall as the case may be.

Her bleeding body was only discovered by a student who said he was going for early morning prayers. He had then raised alarm and the hostel porters came to the scene. They immediately contacted the police who rushed her to the Legon hospital. She was however pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

See graphic photos of the final year UG student below. Viewer’s discretion advised!


So far, it has not been ascertained if the final year UG student’s fall was an accident or an act of suicide. The question of whether she fell or jumped down, as well as the reason behind the incident remains unanswered for now.

Meanwhile, police has commenced investigations on the matter, with many of the students alleging that the late student jumped from the hostel building. One of her roommates who spoke to Graphic Online said Jennifer had been on the phone throughout the night and it was suspected she was talking to a man until she (the roommate) slept off.

Another students who spoke to Citi Fm hinted that the deceased was suffering from bipolar disorder, and suggests it might be the reason behind her suicidal action. Some others say she was jilted in a relationship and has been absenting herself from lectures for some weeks now.

Incidents of suicide is gradually creeping into the African community. Most of the cases are usually traced to depression or related disorders. Click here to read the pathetic story a first year KNUST student, a daughter to Member of Parliament for Asante Akim Central, who recently hanged herself in her hostel room.

We use this opportunity to appeal to all whose life is going miserable to seek help before the condition becomes overwhelming, to forestall tragic incidents like this.

Please, if you are undergoing challenges that are becoming too difficult to handle, seek counsel, don’t die in silence. We also plead with all to reach  out to those who need emotional support before it becomes too late.

Suicide is not the answer!

Your life is more precious than anything you can ever think of!

There is life after death, and if you intentionally take away yours here, there is doubt you will ever find rest hereafter!