Spoiler Alert: Beware Of Lit FireCrackers This New Year’s Eve

Fireworks were lit on Christmas day, but more will be lit on new year’s eve to herald the new 2017.

Not to be the bearer of bad tidings at a time when people are supposed to be having all the fun, it is becoming evidently clear that the use fireworks to herald a new year should be completely outlawed.

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Just yesterday, reports had it that a lit firecracker razed a cold store at the Ashaiman market. The owner of the shop Rose Fummey allegedly said she saw a woman lit a firecracker close to her store and the next thing she heard was a loud explosion caused by the lit fire-crackers

“A woman sells firecrackers beside me, I heard a loud sound and after getting close, I saw fire from the woman’s end and that razed the stores,” she said.

Rose Fummey said she lost everything in her store including cash of about GH¢36,000 which she had kept in the store. Other than the stores, a six-bedroom apartment was also affected by the fire which was successfully doused before it could raze the building completely.

Reports by the Ghana National Fire Service indicates that fire incidents in the country soar especially during the harmattan season when dry air makes it easy for fire to spread through combustible materials.

In a clear warning, the Fire Service has urged members of the public to observe all fire safety regulations during this period to avoid fire outbreaks.

In addition to the warning is a plea to the public to avoid the excessive use of fireworks on sat to avoid any more fire cases. The air is dry, the leaves on trees are dry and any spark that lands on a dry leaf can be ignited and can do more damage than anyone can possibly imagine.

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The Service stressed that as much as it has put in place adequate measures to deal with any fire incident, the public must ensure it undertakes activities that prevent the incidents in the first place.

Moreover, since firecrackers have been outlawed in the country, using one will make you a criminal, so don’t compound your case by causing an outbreak.