Muslim Gay Marriage: What You Must Know About Britain’s First Muslim Same-Sex Wedding

First ever Muslim gay marriage takes place in the UK…

24-year-old Jahed Choudhury and 19-year-old Sean Rogan have become the first ever gay Muslim couple in UK’s history. The couple tied the knot in a civil ceremony at Walsall registry office.

Jahed Choudhury from the West Midlands had a tough childhood being gay and a Muslim. As a matter of fact, the 24-year-old considered suicide growing up as a gay Muslim in Britain. He had been sent on a religious pilgrimage to change his sexual orientation.

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The period of trying to change his sexual orientation consisted of him having a girlfriend, changing his social circle, taking medication and even going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Muslim gay marriage
UK’s first Muslim gay marriage: Jahed Choudhury, and Sean Rogan

However, all proved futile as the gay Muslim held onto his sexuality.

Amid the squabbles, Mr Choudhury considered taking his own life until he was spotted crying on a town bench in Darlaston by Sean Rogan, 19. The rest has become history, as Rogan who comforted Choudhury now ended becoming his life companion. They started living together in 2015 and Choudhury proposed on his husband’s birthday last year.

Mr Choudhury who says he has post-traumatic stress disorder has taken a significant step forward for both the Muslim and LGBT communities. Post-traumatic stress disorder here, means he struggles to face people alone and can’t work.

The wedding ceremony was attended by both families and friends. Mr Choudhury’s mother, sister, older brother and cousin witnessed the wedding, as did Mr Rogan’s mother, two sisters and older brother. 

The newlyweds revealed they have received a number of death threats since the wedding. However, the couple is more than determined to make their relationship work.

For life after marriage, they are taking it one day at a time. Considering the life-threatening discriminations at the mosque, the couple according to Choudhury would not be able to find a place of worship.

Gay Union In Islam

Homosexual acts are forbidden in traditional Islam and are liable to different punishments, including the death penalty, depending on the situation.

The Muslim Council of Britain, which represents more than 500 organisations and mosques, was among the religious bodies including the Church of England opposing the legalisation of same-sex marriage in England and Wales in 2013.