If You Have Solutions to Dumsor, Fix It and Stop Shifting Blames – Kufuor to NDC

Kufuor is of the opinion that NDC administrations should fix dumsor issues, instead of looking for whom to blame for the problem.

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has reprimanded the National Democratic Congress(NDC) for the diversion of attention strategy they have been putting up on the issue of irregular power supply, popularly known in Ghana as Dumsor.

According to Kufuor, it is of no use for the NDC administration to continue seeking who owns the blame for the incessant power outages. It will serve them as well as all Ghanaians better if they rather find solutions to the menace.

Before now, several officials of the ruling party have blamed the New Patriotic Party(NPP), for the Dumsor experience. They are of the opinion that Ghana has been plunged into the current situation as a result of NPP administrations’ failure to augment the country’s power generation capacity during their eight year-rule.

Speaking to Citi News last month, Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah said:

“I’ve said we’ve had challenges for instance in the power sector and this is not a secret. And the challenges in the power sector were not created by the NDC. They were created by governments like the NPP who during their era hardly added any megawatt of power to Ghana’s total power production capacity.”

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However, former president Kufuor is of the opinion that had it been the NDC have got solutions to the problem, the eight long years they have also been in power is enough for them to fix dumsor. Thus, there wouldn’t have been any need to shift blames.

Speaking on  Accra-based GHone TV, President Kufour said:

“It’s just political talks. Eight years should be long enough for anybody with solutions to show. The current regime has been in power for close to eight years so if they are not having the solution, we shouldn’t accept shifting of blames onto earlier regimes.”

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Meanwhile, incumbent President John Mahama of the NDC insists that the problem of Dumsor has been taken care of. According to the President, the electricity issues the country is facing currently is a temporary one which will soon normalize. He also assured that the necessary steps are being taken on a daily basis to ensure power security in the country.