Video: Obinim’s Wife Defends His Controversial Claims With Bible Quotations

Mrs. Florence Obinim, wife of the Founder and leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has supported her husband’s controversial remarks that he is able to turn into objects and animals.

Bishop Obinim has recently made several questionable claims of having the powers to transform into all forms of animals and objects including snakes and trees. He had also said he can invade banks and cart away cash unnoticed in the spiritual realm.

The most recent one that is breaking the media is that he now possesses the powers to modify different human body parts to suit owners’ desires. This includes manhood, buttocks, breasts enlargement and reduction!

Despite how bizarre and absurd these claims sound, especially in Christendom, Florence Obinim has declared full support of her husband.

While leading a women’s fellowship session, she quoted some bible verses in her preaching insisting that God had given her husband, ‘Dan’ special powers which should not be toiled with. According to her, if anyone abuses her husband, he is justified to turn into an animal and bite the person.

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