Fraud In International Call Monitoring Deal – MP Kwaku Kwarteng

It has been alleged by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Obuasi West that the Communications Ministry has illegally engaged another company in an international call monitoring deal which has led to a gross financial loss in the country.

According to MP Kwaku Kwarteng, the ministry involved Afriwave Telecoms to monitor international calls. He said it is against the law for the government to employ the services of Afriwave to do the same work which  Subah Info Solution is doing.

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 “It is criminal because when government or departments of government sign a contract with one company and public finances are being used to pay that company; and you ask another company to go and do the same thing, just so you can have the opportunity to pay that second company, it is criminally causing financial loss to the state.” he said.

He further asked government to withdraw all directives it has given to network providers regarding Afriwave Telecoms as it is causing heavy financial loss. Regarding the act as criminal, he said the second company was employed not to protect the state’s revenue but to illegitimately give money to that company, which is unacceptable.

He had addressed a letter to Communications Minister informing him of what had transpired between government and Afriwave. In his letter, he said that under the Communications Service Tax (Amendment) Act 2013, the ministry had signed a contract with Subah Info Solutions to monitor both the communications service tax and the levies on incoming international telephone traffic.

He concluded by saying that the contract was to end in May 2016, but that government has already asked network providers to allow Afriwave carry out the same monitoring responsibilities which Subah Info Solutions is still doing at the moment and as such, something should be done to curb this excessive waste of tax payers’ money.

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