Fantastic! See this Garri Soakings Sold at GHc145 In an Accra Hotel

One would begin to imagine the ‘components and composition, constituents and constitution, as well as the ingredients and ingredientialities’ that make up this plate of gari soakings that will cost you the sum of 145 Ghana Cedis, an equivalence of 38 US Dollars and over 7500 Nigerian Naira!

Well, its no joke at all. At the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, a plate of this gari soakings sells at GHc145 and is being patronized by our fellow countrymen, and perhaps foreigners too.

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kempinski gari soakings
The kempinski gari soakings with a price tag of GHc145

Kempinski is a five star hotel located at Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, close to the Accra International Conference Centre. It was opened last year.  The hotel, since its inception has been noted for its bogus and outrageous prices for relatively common Ghanaian dishes.

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This has virtually been ignored overtime, but this issue of Gari soakings costing GHS 145 has gotten a lot of mouths moving and tongues lashing on social media.

The web recently got a grasp of a section of the hotel’s full menu and you won’t believe what you’ll see. Check it out below!

Kempinski Hotel Menu

One would begin to wonder if they use unearthly food stuff and ingredients to prepare the dishes at the ‘wonderful’ Kempinski hotel.

Who’ll book a date with me at Kempinski? And mind you, I’ll order fufu with fish, beef, and chicken breast with two plates of gari soakings as my desert! To be forewarned is to be forearmed!! Lol!!!