Would he Listen this Time? ‘Skin Bleaching Could End Your Career’ – GBA Warns Bukom Banku

The GBA has said that Banku’s bleaching could jeopardize his career.

Controversial boxer Bukom Banku’s skin bleaching journey has finally come to the notice of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA). The GBA has said that Banku’s bleaching could jeopardize his career. President of the GBA, Peter Zwennes fears that the boxer’s actions may have put his future in the sport in a dangerous position.

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While expressing his fears concerning Banku’s future in the industry, the president also made it clear that the association won’t be held accountable for any negative outcome resulting from Banku’s choice.

“We are the regulatory body but if a man of full age and competent understanding with both eyes functioning decides to engage in this sort of conduct then its entirely up to him.”

The comic boxer has been making rounds in the internet over the past couple of weeks after he posted a number of photos of himself with his new skin colour. His rapid transition has attracted so many criticisms from fellow celebrities and the general public on different media platforms. But then, it seems he is has no plans of changing his mind as he always finds was to justify it.

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Banku had also claimed he was inspired by his wife to bleach his skin.

He had earlier given ridiculous reasons behind his mutation. Bukom had said he was bleaching for President Mahama to make him Ghana’s ambassador to Germany after winning the 2016 elections.

Now the GBA also have something to say on the issue. Peter Zwennes emphasized that Banku’s skin modification not only poses medical threat to himself, but also to prospective opponents. He explained that should Banku sign a contract to fight, he would be subjected to rigorous medicals to determine whether he is eligible to fight someone.