Gbese Mantse Ultimatum Expires: Battle Lines Drawn

Following the expiration of a 7-day ultimatum given to the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte II to abdicate his throne today, Wednesday 28, 2016, battle lines seem to have been drawn between his supporters and those calling for his exit.

The ultimatum which was placed on him seven days ago was given by five members of the Gbese Dzase following a pronouncement made by the Chief prior to the December 7 presidential elections. The Chief had prior to Mahama’s defeat at the polls threatened that if the president was not elected he would destool himself. He claimed Mahama had done enough for reelection.

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The unpopular declaration by the chief did not go down well with many. However, the group which tagged itself as ‘Gbese Dzase Kingmakers’, took it to another height by coming all out to demand that the chief keep to his words.

Having rejected the call, the Chief is about to face a legal action by the group as they are bent on having him off power. This is even as two other groups are in his support, claiming he was entirely quoted out of context.

BuzzGhana is yet to establish if there are any clear legal grounds for calling on the chief to destool himself. Nevertheless, the group calling on him to leave, have strongly held that Gbese Mantse had breached Royal ethics with his statement. They hence insist he must vacate the stool.

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A member of the group fighting to oust him, Gbese Shippi Numo Okai Keteku while speaking in an interview with Accra-based Joy FM said the group would seek legal redress in the matter. How it will all turn out with the divided Chiefdom is yet to be seen, as we await statement from Mii Ayi Adefio’s group which had in a counter statement five days ago, claimed to be the real Gbese Dzase, calling the other group ex-convicts.

It will be recalled that even after he did not support the new president, the Gbese Mantse was present at Nana Addo’s meeting with the Ga Traditional Council which took place after the elections.