Gender Ministry To Intervene On Jail Sentence Of Weed Drink Seller

The Gender Ministry has decided to intervene on the jail sentence issued to the mother of nine who was accused of selling alcohol mixed with Weed (Indian hemp) to the public. The woman, Ama Forson was sentenced by an Accra Circuit Court last week after she was charged with unlawful possession of narcotic drugs.

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Ama Forson who pleaded not guilty to the charges, said in her defense, that she had no knowledge of the Weed. There has been an uproar against her jail sentence especially for the fact that she has nine children to cater for. Many including Human Right activists, have described her sentence as pathetic and rather arbitrary. Considering the fact that she has told the court she had no knowledge of the drugs, many have lashed out at the jurisdiction of the court.

However, the head of the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection, Minister Nana Oye Lithur, has affirmed that it will liaise with the Attorney General’s Department to examine the circumstances surrounding the case and provide support for the woman.

Ama Forson was arrested in October last year after the police stormed her drinking bar and found quantities of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp from her handbag. According to reports, the police also retrieved a wine bottle containing dried leaves and a liquid suspected to be Weed mixed with alcohol.

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Subsequently, she was arraigned and charged in the Accra Circuit Court. She pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying she was oblivious of the narcotic drugs which was found at her bar. In spite of her defense, the Presiding Judge charged her for the alleged offense and dished out an 11-year jail sentence to the mother of nine.

Nevertheless, the Gender Ministry has promised to intervene on the case. The Gender Minister has also said the ministry will provide welfare and support to the children.