Genevieve, Other Celebrities Criticized For Bias Terror Attack Comments

Pertaining to the death of 84 people in Nice France yesterday, July 15, the Nigerian celebrity Genevieve Nnaji used the Instagram quote, “#prayforNice victims” to sympathize with the terror victims, but this displeased so many fans who lambasted the actress and accused her of being unreasonable.

The criticism was triggered by the massacre this week in Nigeria, Genevieve’s own country, where about 86 people were brutally killed by herdsmen bandits.

Critics tongue lashed the actress telling her to begin “the charity from home” before going tender on other oceans apart countries.

Most of the comments reflects the anger of these fans towards the famous actress, and they also pointed that same goes for other celebrities who have not expressed their compatriot stance for their country.

Comments of fans who criticized  Genevieve Nnaji.

Instagram User, Nedumaga wrote:

I like u a lot and I honestly don’t want to be mad at you.. How many times have u posted anything about the Fulani herdsmen killing? Niger delta bombing, Boko haram, ghastly accident even the starvation killing people in Nigeria? Now pray for France, I sympathize with France and have them and the entire world in my prayers, u celebrities should stop being selective in your post about incidents, the fact that most of u are privileged to travel does not make u their spokesmen, Honestly enough of all this, the other day Tiwa salvage said BLACK LIVES( all life deserve to live) let’s filter our words b4 we say them..I love u genny and at ur stage I should expect u know the right from wrong. Safe,

Tonyewui commented:

“How many people are killed in Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso etc, did any of the African celebrities tal about it? Fools, wise up. Do those foreigners even know you? do they buy your movies? do they even talk about Africa when there is any calamity.”

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More Reactions:

Genevieve, Other Celebrities Criticised For Being Bias On Terror Attacks

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Genevieve, Other Celebrities Criticised For Being Bias On Terror Attacks

However, Genevieve responded mildly by sharing a prayerful message which maintains that,

‘The idea is not to limit love and compassion but to limit anger and hate.’ What you let out in the Universe is what spreads. Everyone has a platform to effect change so pay good attention to what you do with yours. WE ARE THE WORLD therefore #changeisinourhands. The sooner we accept it the better,’ she wrote.