Indecent Dressing Banned! GES Orders Female Teachers to STOP Wearing Trousers, Miniskirts…

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has banned female Ghanaian teachers in both primary and secondary schools to stop putting own certain wears to school and other formal occasions.

The various wears in question which the GES has termed indecent include sleeveless dresses, miniskirts, trousers, heavy makeups and cosmetics etc. Moreover, the male counterpart were not left out, as some wears were also prohibited on their on side.

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The order was contained in a reminder letter from the GES, signed by Hohoe Municipal Director of Education, Wordui Joseph K. According to Mr. Wordui, teachers must create a clear difference between the clothes they wear in informal settings such as beaches, and the ones for officials duties. This he said, was necessary in order to maintain decency.

No lady is allowed to put on a pair of trousers to work except during sporting activities. They can however put on suit. Miniskirts and sleeveless dresses must be avoided. Too much make-ups and multi coloured hairdos must also be avoided. Cosmetic treatment (Pedicure), etc should be minimized, part of the letter read.

For their male counterparts the GES listed jeans , round-neck polo shirts, loose dresses as well as hanging of earphones among the prohibited fashion.

Avoid putting on jeans trousers and round-neck T-shirts. The acceptable T-shirts is a lacoste with breast pocket. Hanging of earphones on the ear as well as lose dressing (Oto Phister) during contact hours is unacceptable, it warned.

The GES also warned sternly, that those who fail to abide by the directives will face the consequent sanctions.

The issue of indecent dressing in the education system, especially among female Ghanaian teachers has been raised time and again. Although there is no specific uniform for Ghanaian teachers, they have always been reminded of the need to maintain decent fashion, considering the fact that they are regarded as role models in the society; most especially for their students.

But it appears that for some teachers, the warning are falling on deaf ears as they have continued to put on whatever they like to school. Well, all eyes are open this time around to see teachers who will eventually fall scapegoats in the hands the Ghana Education Service.

Below is a copy of the letter from the GES.