Ghana Cedi Is The Best Performing Currency In Africa -Mahama Declares

Speaking on Cedi value, President Mahama declared that the Ghana Cedi is one of the best performing currencies in the African continent

President John Mahama in his most recent address, has indicated that the Ghana cedi is at the moment one of the best performing currencies in Africa. According to him, his administration’s efficient management of the country’s economy clearly shows he is a better option for Ghanaians in the coming election.

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The President said this while speaking at the launch of the Atiwa East and West Campaign in Ayinam in the Eastern Region. During his address, Mahama pointed out that oppositions have tirelessly worked towards tarnishing his image through negative propaganda, coated as concerns on behalf of the people. The President emphasized he will not be intimidated by all the negative reports against his government.

President Mahama at the launch made an attempt to analyse the true state of the economy. He explained that when he assumed power, there were three major problems faced in the country. According to him, the first was an unstable economy, the second was the power crisis and the third was inadequate socio-economic infrastructures such as roads, schools, etc.

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He continued that his government has extensively tackled the aforementioned issues, as well as changed the situation from bad to something better. The President also dwelt on the much talked about state of the economy. Speaking about the cedi value, Mahama said that the cedi which has hitherto been depreciating, has become one of the best performing currencies in the whole of Africa.

The President also touted the achievements of his administration on the power crisis. He explained that his government has done well to curb the power crisis, though it has been portrayed by the opposition to be a form of torture on the people.

Mahama then urged the people to vote massively for him in the coming elections for him to continue his good works. He admonished the electorates not to buy into the negative propaganda by his political opponents, who prefer to preach doom about the economy.