10 Stereotypes of Ghana Girls That Aren’t Always True

In every region or culture, there are always some stereotypes about the girls .The sentiments about the girls are believed by many as being true. Just like in any other region, Ghana also has its fair share on stereotyping. The following are 10 stereotypes about Ghanaian girls that are not necessarily true:

10 Stereotypes of Ghana Girls That Aren’t Always True

1. Kwahu girls – Good Hearted and very supportive

Girls from the Kwahu tribe have been known to be quite supportive especially to their husbands or spouses. In fact, many will go out of their way just to see their spouse’s succeed. They will even make financial sacrifices so as to make their men look good in the eyes of society.

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2. Hausa Girls – Highly religious, good Cooks and Poor Kissers

Hausas are strong adherents to the Muslim faith. Therefore, the girls will also have very strong religious foundation. The girls are known to be quite beautiful and also good cooks. However, they pay little attention to the world of fashion. The girls are also known to be poor kissers.

3. Konkoba Girls – Strongly Adhere To traditions and Voodoo Beliefs

Girls from Konkoba tribe are said to be quite traditional. Modern or western culture is yet to catch up with them. They also have strong belief in voodoo magic and traditional rituals. In fact, the girls will not agree to marry outside their tribe.

4. Ewe Girls – Light-skinned and very beautiful

Girls from the tribe of Ewe are mostly light-skinned and also quite beautiful. Due to their beauty, they will be found in offices working as receptionists, customer care representatives, or secretaries. They make very good wives and are also good cooks. However, they strongly believe in voodoo power.

5. Mole-Dagbon – Faithful and Well-mannered

Girls from the Mole-Dagbon tribe found in the Northern region of Ghana are faithful and well-mannered. They strictly adhere to their traditional beliefs, are very good cooks and great homemakers. They will never cheat on their spouses, and will even support his decision to marry a co-wife.

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