‘Ghana’s Economy May Not Change But You Will Win’ – Pastor Otabil

Pastor Otabil of International Central Gospel Church has encouraged Ghanaians not to lose heart as victory will surely be theirs notwithstanding the tough times they are currently facing in the country.

While admitting that things are tough in Ghana, the motivational speaker, Pastor Mensa Otabil has told his congregation during his Sunday, May 15 sermon that they will win.

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According to him, Ghanaians are really going through very hard times and what they need most at a time like this is encouragement from Gold’s word.

Emphasizing the point that Ghana is hard, he pointed out that it is not a political statement but a reality. Continuing, he explained that people are going through very difficult circumstances in their private lives, in their businesses, and they are struggling with certain necessities of life and sometimes when one is going through these tough times, what he needs is encouragement.

“So, I am bringing you a word in that direction, and I trust that at the end of this service, something in you will lift up…” Pastor Otabil said just before he started his sermon for the day.

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“Sometimes, when you look at life in this country, you feel as if not only is life hard, but we want to make it impossible for us to live our life. I was telling my wife yesterday, I said: ‘We are not nice to ourselves’. Ghana is not nice to itself, let’s treat ourselves well; just make life better for ourselves, but it looks like there is a deliberate effort to keep you down and subservient and to make you never lift up your head…’” Pastor Otabil lamented.

However, the man of God encouraged his congregants, telling them that the difficulties notwithstanding, “you are going to win and that is not a political statement either, but you are going to win.”

Explaining why he kept reiterating his comments, Dr Otabil said:

“In Ghana now, everything is politics, you know. You say: ‘You’re going to win’ and they say: ‘Which party is Otabil talking about?’ I say you as an individual, as a person, you will win in life, you will win in your marriage, you’ll win in your business, you’ll not be a disgrace, you’ll not be a disappointment, you’ll not be cast out, you are coming from below, you’re coming from behind, you’re coming from beyond, but you’ll win it. Your branches will run over the wall.”

“The economy of Ghana may not change; I have no control over that. The guys messing it up, that’s their problem, they have to fix it, but I’m here to tell you that no matter the walls, no matter the mess, no matter the difficulty, people may collapse all around you, people may not survive the arrow, people may not survive the walls, but you will win this one, I said you will win this one. Somebody will say: ‘Pastor how will I win?’ I don’t know. I don’t know how Joseph won….

“Sometimes we look at ourselves and we say: ‘It’s too late.’ It’s not too late. ‘I’m too old.’ You’re not too old. You are not Methuselah yet. You’re still young by Methuselah’s comparison. …May I suggest to you my friend, age will not kill you, age will not destroy your vision, age will not put you down, God can use you again, God can lift you up again, God can tell your story again, God can cause you to win again.

I’m here, I’m telling this truth, ICGC Christ Temple, this army is going to battle and this army is going to come with victory. I’m telling FC Christ Temple, we’re going into this championship and we’re going to win this championship, we’re going to come with the trophy, we’re going to come with the cup, we’re going to win this one, we’re going to go over this wall, we are going to overcome these arrows and we will win, and we will triumph, we are going to win this one and the Lord will make you the head and not the tail. You will smile again, you will rejoice again, you will walk confidently again, you’ll speak confidently again. I came to encourage somebody’s heart; although you feel down, you are not out. God is still on the throne. His eyes are on you…”

Pastor (Dr) Mensah Otabil is a popular Ghanaian pastor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of the International Central Gospel Church. Pastor Otabil is well known for always given out quality speeches that keep his audience spellbound and as well reminiscing several days, months or even years after hearing him.

It will altogether not be wrong if we say that he is on an all round life changing mission which he is bent on achieving through speeches. He is currently the Most Influential Ghanaian.