18 Internet Service Providers in Ghana (ISPs)

Ghana Internet service penetration has increased quite significantly over the years, some of the first internet providers in Ghana include: Network Computer Systems, the first on the market, this was followed by Africa Online and Ghana Internet Services, All three protocols (TCP/IP, SMTP/POP3, UUCP) are made available by these networks but time has changed since the time these companies started operations. Ghana boasts Africa’s highest penetration of mobile broadband, at 23% of the population in 2011 compared to just 7% in 2010. By contrast, fixed-broadband penetration stood at a negligible 0.3% in 2011, and that’s killing Ghana’s internet service providers (ISPs). In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the leading Internet Service providers in Ghana, their contacts and other basic things you must know before you sign up with any of them

Internet Service Providers in Ghana

internet service providers in ghana

Here is the list of some of the Internet Service Providers in Ghana

1. Africa Online

This is a preferred premium provider of Internet services on the African continent. Africa Online was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the best in Internet services to Africa

GCB Towers, 5th Floor,
Kwame Nkrumah Circle,
T : (21) 211-823
F : (21) 246-182
E : [email protected]
W : www.africaonline.com

2. Africanus.net

Africanus offers a complete service to design and host web pages on our powerful servers to those companies, organizations and individuals that require a Web presence on the Internet.

Aviation House, Suite 306,
Aviation Road, Accra
T : (21) 779-046
F : (21) 779-049
E : [email protected]
W : www.africanus.net

3. Alink Telecom

This is aimed at creating a Pan-African Internet, VoIP and data transmission network open to the world by deploying innovative and leading technologies and by guaranteeing the quality of service to customers.

Trust Towers, 8th Floor,
Farra Avenue,
Asylum Down,
T : (21) 237-734/40
F : (21) 237-530
W : www.alinktelecom.net

4. BusyInternet

BusyInternet was founded in Ghana in 2001 with a unique mission to provide both commercial services as well as social and economic development. Located in a 14,000 square foot former gas-bottling factory in the heart of Accra, Busy is a collaboration with two local investment companies (Fidelity Capital Partners and Databank) and a Welsh entrepreneur.

42, Ring Road Central,
T : (21) 258-800
F : (21) 258-811
E : [email protected]
W : www.busyinternet.com

5. iBurst Africa

iBurst Africa uses international technology to deliver mobile broadband internet services in Africa. iBurst Africa has been operational as a wireless Internet Service Provider in Ghana since 2007 and is now available in Mozambique, DRC and Kenya.

Rawa Plaza,
Mango Tree Avenue,
Asylum Down,
T : (21) 214-200
F : (21) 222-303
E : [email protected]
W : www.iburstghana.com

6. Broadband4U (Ghana Telecom)
Headquarters Telecom House,
Nsawam Road,
T : (21) 200-555
F : (21) 237-495
E : [email protected]
W : www.broadband4u.com.gh

7. Gateway Communications

Gateway supports local mobile operators and ISPs with products that ranges from Voice services, Data services, and Value Added Services.

53, Patrice Lumumba Road,
Airport Residential Area,
T : (21) 701-0015
E : [email protected]
W : www.gstelecom.net

8. Zipnet

This is Ghana’s first Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Provider. BBH is not only the most reputable quality broadband provider in Ghana, but   also a leading provider of highly sophisticated and intelligent IP services

34, Independence Avenue,
East Ridge,
T : (21) 780-361 – 5
F : (21) 780-390
E : [email protected]
W : www.myzipnet.co

9. Internet Ghana – Internet Service Provider

10. Network Computer Services (NCS) – Internet Service Provider

11. NetSAT Ltd – Internet Service Provider

12. RapidCloud – Internet Service Provider

13. Redline – Internet Service Provider

14. Zipnet – Internet Service Provider

15. Wireless Ghana – Internet Service Provider

16. NetAfrique Dot Com Ltd – Internet Service Provider

17. Mobile2i – Mobile Wireless Internet

18. I-CALLS WiFi Solutions – Internet Service Provider