10 Most Important Features on the Map of Ghana

When visiting a new place, it is more than often that you will need a map if you don’t want to end up in a part of the world that you don’t even know or have never heard off. This is more so the case when visiting Ghana and particularly as a tourist. Ghana is one of the West African countries that are richly blessed with natural features which you should savour any time you have the opportunity to tour in that part of the world. You will need a map, so that you don’t suffer too much. It may be a great idea if you pick one that has some or all of the following features and great tourist attractions so as to act as reference points to you. See the 10 Most Important Features on Ghana Map.

1. Water bodies.


Water bodies are perhaps the easiest way to tell if you’re still in track. However in Ghana there are a few that might also serve as great spots to stop over and relax while you enjoy the view and rejuvenate. These include among them the most famous lake in the region Lake Volta and a number of supporting rivers key among them the Afram and Birim Rivers.