Ghana Founder's Day

Neglected for the safari and the big game of East and Southern Africa, Ghana and West Africa, in general, is largely untouched. Many travelers in Africa never get the chance to hear the mind-blowing melodies of Ghana, despite its rich music industry. The country boasts of explosive melodies done to the highest standards. If you are planning on visiting Ghana or just have a soft spot for this cocoa producing country, these are Ghana music videos you should watch.

1. Nana Boroo – Ahayede

While one may argue that the music and video borrowed heavily from western rap and hip-hop culture, there is no denying that the music is African. It effectively combines Ghana’s hiplife and Cote D’Ivoire’s coupe-de-cale to produce an outstanding video. If you listen closely, you will hear lyrics in English, French, and Twi.

2. Wulomei – Meridian

Talking about Ghana music videos, this one highlights Ghana’s highlife that meets the more traditional music of the coastal people. With elastic guitar, vocal chorals and warm polyrhythm, you simply need to close your eyes and enjoy true Ghanaian music at its best.

3. Antenna – Fuse ODG

Even though he is based in the UK, Fuse ODG is 100% Ghanaian who has taken the music world by storm. His music video, Antenna, registered over 11 million views on YouTube in 2012 alone (This is rated as one of the highest viewed YouTube music video in Africa). Released in the United Kingdom, the song has hit the UK Singles Chart a number of times. It is currently one of the biggest hits worldwide.

4. Awudome – King Ayisoba

King Ayisoba is an internationally recognized artiste and an award winner. In this music video, King Ayisoba sings about the grim reality of death, and how inevitable it is. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, you will hear him talk about his death; that one day he will die. And there is no denying that you will definitely fall in love with the truth in this music.

5. Gargantuan Body – Five Five

Even though a little controversial, there is every reason why this music clip is popular among Ghanaian youths. The song extols the body of plum women and is the main reason some local TV channels decided not to give it airplay. All the same, you gotta love the rhythmic movements and lyrics associated with the body movements.

6. Azonto – Fuse ODG

This song is believed to have originated from a traditional dance that is popular along the coastal parts of the country. It involves a set of hand movements that are meant to mimic everyday activities or signal an intention. As at now, it is also one of the widely viewed videos on the internet with a huge following and fan base.

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In this amazing and tantalizing music video, the epitome of Ghanaian youth is fully summarized. Thanks to the electric rhythm, this is one of the Ghana music videos that are currently doing well in Ghana and some parts of Africa.

8. Sokode – Keche

If you are a fan of electric music, then this is one of the Ghana music videos that you must watch. The way in which the musician perfectly blends traditional and electric rhythm is truly amazing, to say the least. Watching this music video will definitely leave you dancing all day long.

9. Emceo – C-REAL

The need for creativity in the music arena has left many artists with the need to meet the desire for creativity and this is what C-REAL has done in this outstanding music video. The music has gone against all odds to deliver one superb video that is unparalleled in terms of creativity and quality.

10. Selina Boateng – Me Nku Me Ho

This is one of the must-watch videos that have come out of Ghana, and for a good reason. Done by one of Ghana’s most celebrated musicians, Me Nku Me Ho is a video done to perfection to bring out a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. There is no denying that Ghana has varied styles of both traditional and modern music. This is partly because of its vibrant ethnic diversity and geographical position. While the most known genre in this West African country is highlife, there is also a wide influence of hip-hop and traditional African music.