Ghana music

Ghana has numerous styles of contemporary and traditional music, because of its sophisticated geographic location on the African continent. The most famous genre that originated in Ghana is Highlife. For a long time, Highlife was favored music until the introduction of Hiplife and several others that came eventually. Ghana Music industry has tremendously improved and is benefitting from resurgence driven by new talented artists releasing amazing hit songs. The many new artists that have emerged are indeed producing great albums ever since.

Cool Ghana Music You can Listen to Online

1. Sarkodie ft. E.L – You kill me

It is hard to see a Ghanaian who doesn’t know the song “You Kill Me”. Just after the song was released, it immediately became a must play at every Ghanaian gathering or party.

2. Buk Bak – Kolom

Kolom by Buk Bak, a Ghanaian hip-life pair boasting Prince Bright aka Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches has a way of getting people to dance even when they don’t want to.

3. Fuse O.D.G Tiffany – Azonto

Azonto gradually began spreading in the United Kingdom just after the video was released. Then people around the world joined in enjoying the big hit with many dissecting the dance moves in the video. Despite it has been a while since its release, Azonto still makes waves not just in Ghana but throughout the world, and with close to 13 million page views on YouTube, it is one of the most popular songs in Ghana today.

4. Eduwoji J – Yenko Nkoaa

This is a solid Ghanaian jam from Eduwoji/Eduwodzi. Yenko Nkoa remains a must-play song at events and what’s amazing about the video is the fact that it will make you watch it more than once. It is a sure way to get everybody dancing throughout an occasion. The song offers a mix of Jazz and hip-hop feel for absolute entertainment.

5. Donae’o ft. Sarkodie – Move-to-the-Gyal Dem’

Donae’o, a celebrated UK musician released a single titled – Move-to-the-Gyal Dem’ and got fans around the world dancing like they don’t care. The Ghana song is purely a party hit and is obtainable from his website

6. E.L – Obuu Mo

This is a 3-minute hip-hop song by a Ghanaian Afrobeat musician, rapper, and singer, Eleanor Kenny. The song was released in 2012 and E.L has been a regular face on the hip-hop and R&B circuits. His other singles include  “Kaalu”, “Auntie Martha” “One Ghana” and numerous others. In the lyrics, the artist who won 2015/2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year and Hip-life/Hip-hop Artiste of the Year tells a story about his extravagant lifestyle.


7. Gasmilla – Aboodatoi

Dubbed the king of Azonto, Gasmilla surely knows how to get people leave their seats and give their best dance moves. His song titled Aboodatoi is not any different. The song is another cool music that we recommend you to play. The vocals are not just classy, they are as well electrifying and thrilling.

8. Keche – Sokode

Offering what seems like a series of musical riffs, this azonto video by the music group Keche (the same group that dished out the album Pressure) is a win-win song. Just as good wine gets finer as it ages, the song never gets old. It always has a way to impress music lovers at events. The group’s latest song “Next Level” is also ranking up success which has caused new artists to proudly borrow inspiration from them.

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9. Guru – Lapaz Toyota

In early 2010, Lapaz Toyota from the production of Jay Guru became a big hit. And by 2011, it was hard to grace any event in Ghana without enjoying the lively beats and lyrics of the song. It is safe to say that the song was among what made the Ghanaian rapper and fashion designer, Guru more famous in his musical career. Good enough, even till today, Lapaz Toyota remains a sensation.

10. Sarkodie ft. E.L – Dangerous

In 2015, two Ghanaian big artists collaborated for the second time and as you can imagine, the result became the most-talked-about song at that time; Dangerous. Nobody was surprised that the song pulled many good reviews as both Sarkodie and E.L have been known in the music circuit as super talented. Most notable is the fact that E.L’s wealth of experiences which he earned from dabbling in hip-hop, hiplife, as well as R&B played out in the song.