10 Coolest Ghana Music To Play Online

Ghana has numerous styles of contemporary and traditional music, because of its sophisticated geographic location on the African continent. The most famous genre that originated in Ghana is Highlife. For a long time, Highlife was favoured music until the introduction of Hiplife and several others that came eventually. Ghana Music industry has tremendously improved, as a result, many artists have emerged and are indeed producing great albums ever since. Here are Some Top 10 Cool Ghana Music You can Listen to Online

1. Sarkodie act E.L – You kill me

With the release of U go kill me this year’. This is a must play at every Ghanaian gathering or party.

2. Buk Bak – Kolom

Buk Bak is Ghanaian hip-life pair produced by Prince Bright aka Bling Sparkles and Ronnie Coches. This song is a must play

3. Fuse O.D.G Tiffany – Azonto

This song gradually began spreading in the United Kingdom just after the video was released. It is truly making waves not just in Ghana but throughout the world, with close to 13 million page views on Youtube, it is one of the most popular songs in Ghana today

4. Eduwoji .J – Yenko Nkoaa

This is a Solid Ghanaian jam from Eduwoji / Eduwodzi

5. Donae,o feat Sarkodie – Move-to-the-Gyal dem’

Doanae’o is a celebrated UK musician. The latest single from Donae’o – Move-to-the-Gyal Dem’ is another cool Ghana music obtainable from his website donaeo.com.