GPS Transformation: Ghana Police Service Unveils Strategic Plans for World Class Delivery

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has unveiled strategic plans that will soon transform its operations into world class service delivery. These plans come at the heels of many other transformation activities ongoing at several other agencies under the watch of the Nana Akufo-Addo administration.

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The Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante-Apeatu who spoke on the issue at the Agile in Africa Conference last week, revealed that the administration is putting in place mechanisms that will automate processes at the Police Service.

According to IGP Apeatu, the Ghana Police Service has put forth a clear road map that will transform it into a world class Police Service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protected and peaceful service at standards of international best practice.

The road map, according to IGP Asante-Apeatu, is a four-year transformation programme designed to improve service delivery as well as transform operations at the Police Service. The GPS transformation programme aims at achieving 13 strategic objectives through some key transformation strategies which include:

1. Paperless System

Among the very many transformation plans of the GPS, is the move towards electronic (paperless) operations. Just like the Ghana Ports did recently, the Ghana Police Service is planning to replace the system of putting its records on paper with that of doing it electronically.

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The paperless system according to the GPS, is a high performing framework which will allow the Service to respond to change and manage risks more efficiently.

“Every police station should shift from paper to computer-based systems, making our organization as paperless as possible and also supporting our frontline operations with the latest technologies,” the IGP pointed out.

2. Mobile and Web Technology

As part of the world class transformation agenda of the GPS, the police mobile application as well as a new website will be fully employed to improve information management and delivery at the Police Service.

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This paperless system is aimed at making the GPS a digital police organization where all necessary processes and systems such as communication between headquarters and regions, will be automated.

3. Policing and Criminal Investigation with ICT

Other areas being targeted in the new transformational agenda are a revamped Criminal Investigations Department, strengthened police standards and enhanced community policing through Information Communication Technology (ICT).

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Some of the facilities that will be put in place to achieve this include CCTVs at traffic lights, speed cameras, vehicle detecting equipment, new GPS system to track all vehicles, police movement and other assets that require monitoring.

4. Welfare Packages and Incentives

It has been clearly noted that the GPS transformation agenda will not only include service delivery facilities, but also the Ghana Police staff who will be placed as priorities.

Per the plan, new welfare packages and incentives will be put in place to reward the efforts of police personnel in order to boost their morale as well eliminate corruption. The welfare and incentive packages according to the Inspector General, are aimed at making every Police Officer in Ghana to be honourable and proud of his job both within and outside the country.

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5. Ghana Police Service Training

In addition to the welfare packages and incentives, training programmes will be organised from time to time for officers, to boost their policing skills and make them more innovative and efficient.

It is the ultimate goal of the Ghana Police Service to become the first police organization in Africa to fully become an agile organization following the example and practices of leading organization such as the FBI, CIA, British Police, British Government and many other international companies such as KLM, Capital One Bank, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft, IMB, Yahoo, Phillips, BBC, Fox Television, Visa and many more.

Mr. Asante Apeatu who rightly noted the possible skepticism that would follow the transformation plans due to prevailing conditions in the country, expressed firm confidence in the present leadership of the Ghana Police Service to make the vision a reality.

He therefore urged all Police personnel to embrace the vision of change and commit to putting it into practice by first of all, starting to see themselves differently despite all odds.