Ghana Public Holidays 2014

Ghana officially known as the Republic of Ghana is a West African state located near the Atlantic Ocean and the gulf of guinea. Ghana is not only an agricultural hub but is also best known for its rich mineral resources most specifically oil, natural gas and gold. As such, it is considered as one of the most stable economies in Africa and also offers great investment opportunities for any foreigner be it in agriculture or the mining field. For any would-be investor both local and international, having a thorough understanding of the public holidays in Ghana is considered as an absolute necessity as this would help in planning out any business activity. The following overview of Ghana Public Holidays 2013 & 2014 would prove invaluable for such individuals.

Ghana Public Holidays 2013 – Key Dates

New Year Days- January 1st

This is the first holiday in the Ghanaian calendar of Ghana Public Holidays 2013 & 2014. Like many other countries in the world, January 1st is considered as a public holiday in Ghana. The New Year generally marks the beginning of a new year and is regarded as a universal public holiday. Adopted from the Gregorian calendar, the New Year has been incorporated as a public holiday in many countries around the world due to expansion of western culture and Ghana is no exception.

New Year festivities in Ghana are usually marked with fireworks and festivities. However, there is no official state function on January 1 to commemorate this occasion.

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Independence Day – March 6

As its name suggests, Independence Day is a public holiday commemorating the day Ghana gained independence and became a sovereign state. Ghana was originally a British colony and was governed by the British until it gained independence. During its pre-colonial days, Ghana was known as the gold coast due to its rich gold deposits but changed its name to the republic of Ghana after gaining independence on march 6 1957. Independence Day is not only considered as a public holiday but also incorporates a state function whose main highlight is a speech by the head of state.

Independence_Day_Ghana_March_6 - Ghana Public Holidays 2013

Good Friday – March 29

Like many other countries where Christianity is pre-dominant, Good Friday also features as a public holiday in the official Ghana Public Holidays 2013 & 2014. Good Friday forms part of the Easter holiday and is generally the commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. There is no official state function on this day and Ghanaian Christians usually converge in churches during this day.

Easter Monday – April 1

Easter Monday is another universal public holiday specific to pre-dominant Christian states. Like Good Friday, Easter Monday does not incorporate any state function though it is considered as a public holiday. Easter Monday usually comes after Easter Sunday and is a commemoration of Jesus Christ resurrection.

May Day – May 1

May Day is next in line in the list of Ghana Public Holidays 2013 & 2014. May Day is an ancient northern spring festival which also coincides with the international workers day better known as Labor Day in many countries across the world. This holiday is considered as a public holiday and is usually marked by labor union functions.

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Africa Unity Day – May 25

Africa unity day is land mark public holiday in some African countries and commemorates the founding of the organization of Africa unity may 25 1963 in Addis Ababa. However, this public holiday is observed only in Ghana, Mali, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe with a majority of African countries not considering it a public holiday.

Republic Day – July 1

This is an official state recognized public holiday which commemorates the day Ghana became a republic.

Eid-al-fitr – August 8

Ghana has its sizeable share of Muslims and as such, also considers Islamic holidays as public holiday. Eid-il-futri is an Islamic holiday that marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated in many countries around the world. The dates for this festival usually vary.

Founder’s Day – September 21

This public holiday falls on the birthday of Kwame Nkrumah: a great African personality who helped Ghana achieve its independence and one of its founding fathers.

kwame-nkrumah - Ghana public holidays

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Eid-al-adha- Feast of sacrifice October 15

This is the second most-important holiday in the Islamic calendar. It commemorates the willingness of prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his youngest son. The date for this holiday usually varies with the Islamic calendar

Farmer’s Day- December 4

This national holiday whose main aim is to honor farmers. The national government usually announces its agricultural plans during this day

Christmas Day-25 December

A universal public holiday, Christmas day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is considered a public holiday in Ghana

Boxing Day- December 26

This is another public holiday that features in the Ghanaian calendar