Ghana Radio Stations
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Sometimes, when you are away from home, you may find that you miss the good old Ghana radio stations. You may be abroad, in a remote territory with limited coverage; or away from a radio or a satellite dish, among several other constraints which just come between you and the beloved home radio stations. If this is the case, there is no cause for alarm, as this is a digital age. Thousands of radio stations now stream their live broadcasts online, and the trick is to ‘tune in’ to their websites.

As long as there is a decent internet connection, you will be guaranteed to enjoy these stations from whatever corner of the world you are currently in or coming from. Better still, many workplaces now offer internet connections so that might not be a problem. To address the demand of online Ghana radio stations, several sites have sprung up.

The best of these radio streaming websites in Ghana are featured here in this article.


This site offers a wide variety of stations to pick from, both in Accra and Kumasi, along with some other minor stations. The most prominent among them is Okay FM, which prides itself with English broadcasts. Others in the list are Hot FM, GH Radio, Peace FM, and Joy FM. Here, the different stations are also classified according to the nature of their broadcasts. For example, there is the ‘Sports’, ‘News’, ‘Music’ and ‘Talk’ sections, which you can browse through and select according to your preferences. There is also a wide selection of stations according to their locations.


Basically, this is a Dutch website that specializes in directories of radio stations internationally. It offers a list of radio stations to listen to and you may find some exotic Ghana radio stations from which you can pick a favorite. Here, all the entries are arranged alphabetically, hence, making it easy to locate your choice if you know what you are looking for. The good thing is that you can also filter your searches by city, which will cut the chase and save you time. Another thing is that the list here is extensive, featuring more than 3000 radio stations.


This is another very popular online radio station which also supports the streaming of live TV for limited stations. The unique thing about is that the selection of stations focuses extensively on the cities; starting from Accra, Cape Coast, Elmina through to Tema, Tamale, and Kumasi. It also gives you the statistics to determine the most popular station, indicating the number of users who tuned in to what station. It also categorizes the stations according to the genre of the content that is broadcast from them.


This is a website specializing mostly in the trending news items in the country. Like Surfmusic, it sorts out the radio stations into alphabetical order, allowing you to quickly find your favorite. Other special offers include the different Ghanaian media items such as the rumor mill, the press releases, schedules, and polls, and could be a great source for the analysis of the trending topics in Ghana. Moreover, the print media for news and other issues are also available on the site.


Here, there are two destinations available for the user; looking through the featured, hottest stations on offer or searching for the station of their choice through the alphabetically arranged items in the list. Either way, you will still require a Media Player plugin to listen to the stations on this site, but this can easily be downloaded. The most featured station here is Hot FM from Accra.

These sites offer the best in terms of the wide variety of Ghana radio stations. The beauty of these sites is that their radio services are free. The only catch is that you will have to contend with the cost of internet bundles as data is not cheap in Ghana. Luckily, listening to streaming audio uses up less data than imaginable. Therefore, the only limiting factor is the connectivity speed of the internet connection on the PC.

More recently, innovative firms have come up with their toolbars which serve as shortcuts that will save you the pain of searching the stations repeatedly, on a daily basis. In case you are not able to download the toolbar, you could always bookmark that page, for easier access next time.