Slay Queen Brouhaha: D-Black Wades Into Yvonne Nelson-Nana Akua Fight; This Is The Rapper’s Verdict

D-Black has waded into the Ghana Slay Queen brouhaha that brewed between Yvonne Nelson and Nana Akua…

Rapper Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, known on stage as D-Black, has let out his own opinion on the feud between lead actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson and her colleague actress Nana Akua Addo.

Speaking during an interview with Pulse, D-Black defended both ladies’ arguments, pointing out that their individual roles are all essential for the growth of the movie industry. The rapper explained that the fact that the Ghana Movie Industry is dying and needs a lot of work for it to be revived, celebrating the people working for the industry on the red carpet is not wrong.

According to D-Black, “even though there are issues in the industry they should still be celebrated in the movie industry.”

We believe what D-Black is suggesting is for them to strike a balance between the two. It should not be an all-work-no-play neither should it be an all-play-no-work business. We also believe that was same thing Yvonne was suggesting when she said “let’s put in same energy to bring back the dead industry”.

Background Story

Yvonne Nelson is that Ghanaian actress who is always bold enough to spit out the hard core truths despite whose toes will be stepped on in the process. The popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer who championed the 2014 DumsorMustStop campaign is once again standing up for the truth; and this time, its about the Ghana Movie Industry.

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In a series of tweets, Miss Nelson pointed out how Ghana’s movie industry is currently standing on sinking sands; with her major concern being how most of her colleagues put more energy into red carpet display instead of the real business of the dying industry.

“The industry has so lost it’s way and they can’t even see it, they’re all going in that direction. Dressing up to be posted on SM.”

“Listen, let’s put in same energy to bring back the dead industry rather than slay on carpets cuz truthfully y’all know there’s no work!”, some of her tweets read.

The Heels & Sneakers producer stressed that since the industry has misplaced its priorities, a day will eventually come when there’ll be no movies to nominate for the various award ceremonies where the so-called slay queens go to show off on the red carpet.

Yvonne was also quick to add that “shallow minds will definitely have a problem” with her advice, as it is is meant for those with foresight; “those who don’t only wake up and think about slaying but about getting Ghanaian content out there!”

Nana Akua Gets Bitten By Yvonne Nelson’s Hard Truths!

It is certain that Yvonne Nelson’s hard core truths will not go down well with some of her colleagues in the industry.

However, Nana Akua who is obviously the number 1 Ghana Slay Queen could not hold back her displeasure. The self-acclaimed slay queen immediately took an undisguised swipe at the House of Gold actress via her Instagram page, fighting back as if her name was particularly mentioned.

Ghana Slay Queen brouhaha: Yvonne Nelson (L); Nana Akua (R)

From Nana Akua’s slamming response, it is obvious that the Ghana Slay Queen was harshly bitten by Yvonne Nelson’s tweets, and she couldn’t hold back the biting pains. Indirectly referring to Yvonne Nelson as a commentator, Nana Akua suggested that she try running with “those long legs” if slaying is not working for her!

Below is a screenshot of Akua’s Instagram post:

Immediately after Nana Akua’s response, Yvonne once again took to twitter to fire indirect shots at the self-acclaimed slay queen.

“Like I said in my tweets earlier……the shallow minds won’t get it,” Yvonne reiterated.

Meanwhile, Nana Akua is yet to respond to this.