Ghana Strengthens Security Amid Warnings Of Terror Attacks

The confirmed terror attacks staged for Ghana by unknown terrorists has fostered government to toughen the country’s borders as part of new security measures to protect its citizens.

A leaked intelligence memo dated April 9, warned that Ghana and its eastern neighbor, Togo and Nigeria could come under attack by armed group following terror attacks in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast in the past months.

Statement from the Memo:

“Intelligence gathered by the … NSCS [National Security Council Secretariat] indicates a possible terrorist attack on the country is real. … The choice of Ghana according to the report is to take away the perception that only Francophone countries are the target.”

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The memo reportedly referred to the confessions of a suspect who was interrogated by Ivorian authorities after an attack last month on Grand-Bassam, a popular tourist destination in Ivory Coast, that killed dozens.

It ordered immigration agents on the northern border with Burkina Faso to be extra vigilant and said patrols should be stepped up along informal routes between the two countries.

The Director of Public Affairs for Ghana’s immigration service, Francis Palmdeti, told the DPA news agency on Friday that the country has increased border patrols and cooperation among security agencies.

Palmdeti also said immigration authorities are also stepping up collaboration with hotels managers, lodges and quest houses to obtain information on foreigners coming into the country. He however, did not comment on the leaked memo.

Meanwhile President Mahama who expressed disappointment over the leaked memo, urge the people of Ghana to remain calmed

“I think that we must deal with this without creating panic among our people, and that is why the stories that we see in the papers are most unfortunate,” he said.

Mahama also called for public vigilance adding that Ghana was at risk from home grown fighters too, and that countries in the region share intelligence on attack threats.

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Ghana is one of Africa’s most stable and peaceful democracies and has not suffered an attack by an armed group.

These attacks as suspected might come from a well known terrorists group, the Al-Qaeda. The Islamic Maghreb has claimed responsibility for attacks on a hotel in the capital of Mali, Bamako last November, a restaurant and hotel in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou in January and the recent Ivory Coast attack.

In all, more than 65 people have died, many of them foreigners.