Ghana To Intensify Prayers, Security and General Alertness Against Terrorist Attacks

A greater part of the Ghanaian populace strongly believes that the country has been thrown into a state of great security threat and jeopardy by the presence of the two detainees transferred by the US from the dreaded Guantanamo Bay prisons to Ghana.

Innumerable number of groups, organisations and personalities have in their various opinions condemned government’s decision to accept the ex-Guantanamo prisoners, with a greater number of them pointing out that it poses a huge security threat to the nation.

Despite government’s numerous efforts to allay the fears of the people and also convince them to accept the ex-detainees, they have continued to stress the same issue – security threat.

Initially, Ghanaians were protesting that the two be sent back, but having been clarified on the impossibility of such, they have instead decided to take precautionary measures to help them contain the detainees as well as forestall impending dangers.

It is on this note that the army have commenced covert operations in most of the popular destinations across the country to quell any potential terrorist attack.

According to a reliable source, the operation involves trained undercover agents who have been stationed in most hotels, malls and entertainment centers to identify and deal with any security threat. The operation has been ongoing for months but the recent attacks in a popular hotel in Burkina Faso may lead to further strengthening and expansion of the program.

The covert operation involves personnel from the Bureau of National Investigations(BNI), National Security Council, Ghana Police Service and the Military. Specially trained agents according to sources within the security services are expected to join the operation.

Terrorist attacks linked to militant group Al-Qaeda took place over the weekend at the Splendid Hotel in Burkina Faso and left 28 persons dead and several scores of people injured and traumatized. Many have questioned Ghana’s readiness deal with such eventualities since Burkina Faso shares borders with Ghana.

Also, the Speaker of Parliament, Doe Adjaho, has called on Christians and all religious groups across the country to offer special prayers for the country to ward off any any planned terrorist attack. His appeal follows the surge in terrorist attacks in the world including countries in the West Africa sub region with direct reference to that of Burkina Faso where 27 people died and several others were injured.

The terrorists are not very far from us; 27 people died at a Hotel in Burkina Faso. It has happened in Mali, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. We need to pray for this country. If there is any time we have to draw closer to God, this is the time.”

Doe Adjaho was speaking in Ho during a thanksgiving church service of the First Sky Group and the handing over of 60 church buildings to the Assemblies of God Secretariat.

Doe Adjaho further admonished Christians not to be materialistic but allow themselves to be used by God. He also called for a decent conduct ahead of the elections in November. The First Sky Group also donated a Toyata Hilux pick-up to the Assemblies of God Secretariat to aid in evangelism and the preaching of the gospel.

However, the Ghana Armed Forces have encouraged Ghanaians to have confidence in President John Mahama’s assurance that this country is in safe hands following all these fears of terror attacks.

All of us should be rest assured that those who have been tasked with the integrity of the country are ready to do that.”

Col Eric Aggrey Quarshie who speaks for the Armed Force told Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo, that President Mahama has been briefed, and that there is no immediate threat to Ghana’s security. But he still asked the public to be on the alert and volunteer information to security forces.

If you see something in your locality, I don’t think you have soldiers in your locality, but if you get the information and you pass it to them, then they will be able to come out with a clear picture of what is happening”.

He said when it comes to the threat of terrorist attacks, it is not enough to have a well-equipped military.

In America when 9/11 came, with all their might, what did they do? And so an accident is an accident, an incident is an incident.”

He said despite all the efforts by the Ghana Fire Service to encourage Ghanaians to prevent fire outbreaks, the menace still exists.

What is it that the fire service is not doing? They are telling us everything with all their [logistics] but some of the fire comes in such a way that they are not able to help,” he stressed.

The Ghana Immigration Service says it has stepped up patrols along Ghana’s unapproved borders with Burkina Faso following terror attacks there.