[email protected]: Journalists Packed Like ‘Monkeys’ To Cover Independence Parade

Sunday, March 6, 2016 marked the 59th birthday of Ghana As a country after she had her independence on the 6th of march, 1957.

A lot of preparations were made towards making the celebration colourful and remarkable.


The iconic Blackstar Square commissioned by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah was the venue of the national celebration.

However, journalists assigned to cover this year’s Independence Day celebration experienced something new and spectacular! They could not believe it when they were asked to climb onto a tipper truck, to be carried around to take photos and videos of activities during parade.

They were also expected to capture photos and videos of President John Mahama while he lit the perpetual flame.


Some of the journalists were angry at the gesture but still had no option than to hop on the truck like monkeys to get the job done.


Security arrangements according to some of the journalists, did not allow them to get close to some of the activities at the parade grounds.


The most dangerous part was when they had to get onto the truck with a ladder which looked extremely precarious and as well ridiculous. A few of them were visibly uncomfortable while climbing up and even more so while descending after the parade.


Photos of them have been circulated on social media with several people criticizing the arrangements while others poked fun at the unfortunate journalists.

More Colourful Photos from [email protected] Parade:

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Since the celebration fell on a Sunday, today, Monday March 7th is marked a Public Holiday to officially celebrate the 59th Independence.