Ghanaian Builds Water Bicycle: This Is Exactly How You Can Ride on Water

Ghanaian builds water bicycle – Frank Darko was a final year student at the Takoradi Technical University, Ghana, pursuing a course in Graphic Design before he deferred the course due to some personal reasons.

The young man who resides in Takoradi in the Western Religion has made a name for himself after he designed a bicycle that rides on the water. Yes, a bicycle which on its wheels, has paddles that cause it to float when on water.

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The inventor Frank Darko reveals that the special bicycle is his first invention and that it was built in four months as he started working on it since August this year.

He shared this and more when he interacted with According to the young inventor, the bicycle built to move on water is just one of the many things he hopes to build in future.

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Frank is a lover of science and this same motive inspired him to venture into the business of solving common day-to-day challenges faced by people in the society.

Ghanaian Builds Water Bicycle

Having a bicycle does not do it all for everyone especially those who reside in riverine areas. This is because, under normal circumstances, bicycles do not run on water.

But Mr Frank thought it wise to come up with an economical approach to help people who face these challenges on daily basis. This formed the basis on which the Western Region resident built a bicycle which can be ridden on water. This invention allows you to rider across the water surface without having to bother about sinking.

Ghanaians in recent times have shown they can be really creative and innovative. Earlier this year, information was rife that a Ghanaian came up with a unique way of building – with plastic bottles. [Read Full Story]