18 Ghanaian Celebrities And Their Cute Tattoos

Tattoos have always been part of pleasure to many celebrities for so many years especially in the western world. Although it didn’t really make up part of African culture and even until now, tattoo attracts and also repels some people particularly in Ghana and Africa at large. Nonetheless, tattoos are now meeting the eyes of many Ghanaians making it gain wide range of acceptance in recent times. It is gently becoming part of the popular and latest style especially among the youths in Ghana. When compared to its acceptance some decades ago, you could hardly count up to five Ghanaian stars i.e Musicians, Movie stars, soccer stars, among other popularly known personalities with tattoos as at then. Recently in Ghana, many celebrities have  tattoos of  different sizes and shapes stamped on their bodies some of which are not at conspicuous places, making it almost impossible for those without tattoos to be regarded as celebrities. Many celebrities even go as far as flaunting their tattoos during performance to make their fans go more wild. We gathered quite a good number of images of these celebrities with cute and amazing tattoos.

While some celebrities in Ghana are totally in support of tattoo, people like Martha Ankomah believe that anybody stamped with tattoo belongs to hell. Many of Ghanaian celebrities have more than one tattoo inked on their skins and surprisingly are still planning on adding more. People view tattoo differently and the general public opinion on the subject is as diversified as the inscriptions itself. Some Ghanaians who have tattoos have also come under some form of criticism. The criticisms usually bother around the meaning of the inscriptions or how great or terrible it looks especially on darker skinned Ghanaians. But be it as it may, what matters the most is that tattoos can only mean so very much to whoever subjects his/her skin to those long hours of painful artistry. Check below to see tattoo tips in case you are thinking of having your skin inked with one. Here are 19 Ghanaian Celebrities And Their Cute Tattoos

Eazzy Has One Stamped on Her Cute Abs Among other Parts of Her skin


Former Beauty Queen  Nasara Decorated Her Legs With Tattoos


The Ghanaian Actress Kafui Danku Has One inked on her Arm 

Kafui_Danku (1)

Prodigal of VIP and promzy  have Theirs Stamped Almost Every Part Of Their Bodies

VIP on VGMA stage (2)

Prince Kevin Boateng Also Has Quite A Good Number of Tattoos Stamped On Him


Pascaline Edwards Has Couple of Tattoos On Her Back And Arm Among Other places


The Curvy Musician, Raquel Has It On Her Cute Thigh


Captain Planet Of 4X4 Fame Has Tattoos All Over His Body


D-Black Inked His Name On His Body with Among other Symbols And Quotes


Nadia Buari Inked Her cute Angel On Her Back (Quite Stunning) Among Others