Scores of Ghanaian Deportees Arrive Handcuffed from The US

Over 70 Ghanaian deportees have arrived at the Kotoka International Airport from the United States of America as the second batch of deportees following Donald Trump’s determined clampdown on illegal migrants.

Most of the deportees were handcuffed as they disembarked from the chartered flight bearing an American flag, Onua FM‘s Kweku Antwi-Otoo reported on Wednesday.

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Officers of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NAMDO), the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and the Ghana Police Service (GPS), were on stand-by to assist the deportees go through screening. According to Kweku, only three out of the deportees numbering between 75 and 78 has been successfully screened and cleared to leave an hour after their arrival.

He also observed that most of them had no belongings and are finding it difficult to reach their relatives in Ghana. The cleared three said their colleagues are finding it difficult with immigration officers as some have no records, and what is more, cannot bear the embarrassment.

Ghanaian Deportees

The deportation of Ghanaians from the US and other European countries for some diverse reasons is not new. However, the topic became more popular after America elected a president that appears to be very rigid with imigration laws.

The new US President, Mr. Donald Trump made very clear his resolve to rid his country of illegal migrants, both before and after his election as President. This resolve affected among others, Ghanaians.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P. Jackson, also substantiated the US President’s decision, saying that the policy will affect about 7, 000 Ghanaians living in America. The affected persons, Ambassador Jackson said, will continue to be deported in batches.

This latest deportation shows that the US Ambassador’s assertion is proving to be true, as about 100 deportees had arrived in Ghana from the US earlier this year, with more said to be expected in coming weeks, months or even years.