Great News! Ghanaian Doctor Finds Possible Cure For HIV-AIDS

That a Ghanaian doctor finds HIV-AIDS cure is indeed something to be celebrated. Read on to see what the doctor in question has to say about his discovery.

A cure for HIV-AIDS? A Ghanaian medical researcher has claimed he has found a possible cure to the disease. Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, founder of The Centre of Awareness, says his team has found a potential cure for HIV/AIDS following ten years of research into plant medicines in Ghana.

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Dr. Duncan;
Dr. Duncan; Ghanaian doctor finds HIV-AIDS cure

The Doctor has also assured the authenticity as well as efficacy of the drug known as COA-72, following successful human trials in South Africa. He made this known at a presentation of the drug at the Physicians and Surgeons auditorium in Accra on Wednesday, 5 October 2016.

His announcement of the cure for HIV/AIDS comes days after The Telegraph reported that a British man could become the first person in the world to be cured of the disease, using a new therapy designed by a team of scientists from five UK universities. The reports stated that the man 44, has showed no signs of the disease following therapy, and clinicians are now hopeful of a breakthrough in one of the first serious attempts at a full cu1re for the disease.

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Speaking on Joy News’ The Pulse programme on Wednesday, Dr. Duncan said the drug COA-72 is an injectable herbal medicinal product developed by the Center for Awareness. He pointed out that the drug is different from COA FX which is a food supplement and immune booster approved by the FDA. He explained that the COA-72 has the potency to smoke the viruses from latently infected source in the blood stream. According to him,

The COA-72 intramuscular smokes the virus from their hideout into the blood stream and the COA-72 intravenous clears the virus from the blood stream providing a final cure to HIV-AIDS.

He also pointed out that this is a pilot programme, which is still expected to go through controlled clinical trials using the internationally accepted protocol by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This is great news indeed for Ghana and the world at large. That a Ghanaian doctor finds HIV-AIDS cure is indeed something to be celebrated. The virus has proven to be one of science’s biggest hurdles with researchers working around the clock worldwide to find an antidote to it. But with this discovery, there could finally be a light at the the end of the tunnel.