10 Ghanaian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

Ghana is one of those places which has managed to hold on to its cultures for centuries, making it one of the most culturally rich places in the world and it is this culture that reflects the most on Ghana’s local cuisine. Offering few of the tastiest dishes around, Ghana induces the use of the local crops and food source available in the best possible way. Which is why we need to do a proper countdown of 10 Ghanaian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die, to get an upclose and personal view of what is making the world go crazy about traditional Ghanaian cuisine. We know it can be very complicated to stay on a diet plan when going for a Ghanaian dinner (or if you are lucky, traveling around the country). That’s why we have chosen for you the healthiest 10 dishes you should order in a Ghanaian restaurant.

Here is our Comprehensive List of 10 Ghanaian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die:

1. Chichinga


If you truly want to experience the taste of any country’s cuisine, then the street food is the best way to go. The Chichinaga is one of those few Ghanaian Foods which is best able to portray the taste of Ghana. Offering some of the tastiest kebabs made from beef or sausages, The Chichinga is one of Ghanas most preferred street food.

2. Red Red

Red Red

Most people around the world would shy away at the first sight of beans, but Red Red is one of those few dishes that has managed to reignite the love of beans in many people. Cooked into a fine bean curry that can include either a mix of prawns or fish, Red Red is one of those few dishes that demonstrates Ghanaian cuisine at its best.

3. Banku


If you are the one who loves corn in any size or shape or preparation, then Banku is the dish for you. Banku is one of those local dishes that is made from fermented corn, which is served as orange size balls along with fried fish or meat.

4. Fried Rice with Chicken

Fried Rice nd Chicken

A well prepared plate of fried rice can drive even the most critical foodies for second servings, and it is this Ghana’s local take on fried rice which has created one of the biggest sensations among folks. Also known as the Jollof Rice, the traditional Fried rice with chicken is made using few of the freshest tomatoes and traditional spices and served with a crispy fried chicken.

5. Waakye


Ghanaian Food For Everyone

Pronounced as Wa Chi, this is one of those dishes which truly shows Ghana’s love for Rice and Beans. Waakye is one of those spicy Ghanaian foods which can be eaten with either fried fish, egg, spaghetti or fried chicken and should not be missed at any cost.

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