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Ghanaians are probably the most distinguishable West Africans because of their heavy ascent and culture. You can easily tell that you are talking to a Ghanaian by simply listening and looking at how they address you.

Here are 10 Undeniable Signs That Shows You Are Talking To A Ghanaian:

1. Ghanaians show Respect for others

When you talk to a Ghanaian, you realize that they are very respectful in the way they associate with you. From a general approach to long conversations, they talk to you in a clear and convincing tone. This is based on their long built national values which see respect for others as the baseline for having a better society.

2. Regular reference to Africa and home country

Every time you talk to a Ghanaian, you will notice a special reference to home country. All Ghanaians are very proud of their country because of the focus on democracy and development which have made the nation a regional center for peace. This pride is also associated with the fact that many Ghanaians have made great strides and all other countrymen want to associate with such beacons of success.

3. Ghanaians are specially welcoming

All Ghanaians are lovely and always welcoming when you talk to them. Whether you are in office, street or even at home, you will hear them telling you to visit them again. They will never fail to give you their references and the specific locations for their office or houses. They are therefore true friends who will never let you down whether you are a stranger or a close friend.

4. Intelligent in approach

The approach used by Ghanaians when talking especially with reference to issues of huge concern depicts high levels of intelligence. Most of them are well schooled and have a deep understanding of specific matters that affect the society. You will, therefore, hear them contributing to important issues with passion and meaningful content at all levels. It is for this reason that many people in colleges and even neighborhoods prefer having Ghanaians in their groups and organizations as they always make useful contributions.

5. Careful and focused on what they say

When you approach or talk to a Ghanaian, you will realize great caution and personal restraint when addressing issues. You will note them asking for clarifications and emphasis on specific points before they make conclusions. If you are discussing an issue in the neighborhood, they will never hesitate to ask you how the problem started, what the immediate and extended effects are and how they are likely to affect all people. It is from these signs that they are considered to be more intelligent. You can expect to get the most logical conclusion for an issue when you talk to them.

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6. Promoting culture

Ghanaians appear to be strongly rooted in their culture. When you take some time talking to them, you will realize special reference to their culture and how it is important to them. For example, you will hear them tell you why they like traditional foods and dresses that underscore culture in Ghana. If you ask any Ghanaian to inform you about the best hotel, he/she would most likely name those that prioritize traditional foods.


7. Heavy ascent in language

Most Ghanaians have a heavy ascent when they communicate with others. Though some slightly change their ascent with time and make it difficult to identify, the heavy ascent does not completely go away.

8. Focus on legally accepted approaches and activities

Most Ghanaians are law-abiding citizens and bring it out frequently in their speech. At the local level, you will hear them asking whether the approach you have taken is recognized by law to avoid getting into conflict with the law. You will also hear them encouraging you to adopt only that which is legal.

9. Long-term focus

Ghanaians always want to maintain a long-term relationship with the people they talk to. You will, therefore, hear them asking about the long-term impacts of activities they get into and how to improve the results. They will also tell you that they can only engage in businesses that can provide long-term benefits.

10. Concern for others

When you start talking to a Ghanaian, you will always have to answer some question about your parents, children and neighborhood. They will ask you how they are doing and whether all is okay. It does not matter whether you are old friends or new to each other. This is a special sign that they are ready to assist you should you be having any problem.