Ghanaians Will Cry And Beg Mahama To Come Back – Rex Omar

Elections are over and Mahama lost, but like Nigeria’s Goodluck, Mahama’s act of willingly yielding the seat of power to his opponent is an act that Ghanaians and the world at large will never forget.

Many expected bloodshed, many others expected him to negate the results, but not many expected him to tow the line of peace and respect to his opponent.

Not many expected him to put the welfare of the people and the country ahead of his ambition and love of power.

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When Mahama conceded to Nana Addo, he made history in a continent ridden with old rulers holding onto power with as much strength as their last breath.

To buttress this point, Veteran highlife musician Rex Omar said he supported the NDC, but that he is not the least bit worried about that the party lost the elections.

He stressed that he does not mind the loss and will not join other celebrities who are losing sleep and crying for help.

“I endorsed the NDC since 2008. Despite the negativity it comes with it from anonymous people I still don’t regret following the NDC and I’m a straight forward politician.”

However, Rex Omar thinks Ghanaians have not treated Mahama fairly and that they may soon regret it. He made a comment related to that recently when he said “Ghanaians will soon be crying for Mahama as they did for Osagyefo.”

He made the comment under incumbent President John Mahama Facebook’s post and has succeeded in generating interesting comments as well. Mahama’s post read:

“I inaugurated a Joint Transition Team to begin the process of a smooth handing over of the governance of our beloved country, Ghana, to President-elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Addressing the nation in the evening before December 7, I assured Ghanaians that Ghana will pass the test with distinction. Here we are today, ensuring smooth transfer of power to the admiration of Africa and the world. This is what makes us unique and this is why we must work to protect and defend our democratic credentials and reputation as a beacon of hope for Africa.”

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In the light of what Rex Omar said, one cannot help but recall the situation of Nigeria and the condition of their Change mantra. Barely a year Nigeria clamoured for the change Buhari promised them, the recession that the so-called change brought has come home to roost.

Today, Nigerians are clamouring for the return of Goodluck Jonathan and the corruption they so boldly accused him of. Hashtags such as #BringBackOurCorruption has become the order of the day while their beloved President Buhari gallivants around the globe with his change mantra, leaving the people to languish in their poor choices.

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