Why Do Ghanaians Expect too Much from Gov’t? – Presidential Advisor Daniel Batidam Wonders

Speaking on the issue of prosecuting people suspected of corruption, the Presidential Advisor on Corruption and Governance, Hon. Daniel Batidam has plainly stated that Ghanaians are actually expecting too much from the government.

This statement was coming in response to earlier claims that the government in power is condoning corruption by not taking serious legal action against state officials who were supposedly indicted in the Smartty’s Bus Branding scandal.

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However, Daniel Batidam dismissed these allegations against the government. According to him, “it’s easy to say anybody is corrupt, but when it comes to prosecution, that is where I think that sometimes we are expecting too much from the presidency or the executive arm of government in general”.

The Presidential Advisor expressed dismay over how people are contradicting issues by saying that the president is shielding a matter that he at the same time ordered that investigations be carried out on.

“Why would the President in the first place want to bring out, you know the fact about something and then turn round to cover up? I think that is a bit difficult to fathom,” he explained.

Responding to why the said documents are not made public on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Hon. Batidam said that from information available to him, the Attorney General Marrietta Brew has made all the documentations around the issue available to the public through Occupy Ghana and other citizen groups that demanded for it.

In terms of the report as a Legal advisor to the President, he explained that “you give some advice to the president which is meant for the president, you give information to the public that is of public interest”.

Buttressing this point, he said that there is no way the public will expect to have access to all information, even the ones meant for the president.

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He further explained that it was the president who instructed the AG to share all the information that was required by the public to the public.

‘That is the prerogative of the president, who in the first place commissions the investigations. We should trust the confidence in what is happening, he has shown all his commitment, what am saying is that sometimes we are demanding certain things that are not in the domain of the executive,’ Daniel Batidam said.

We would recall that there have been numerous demands from the public on the government to deal  with individuals who were cited in the Attorney General’s (AG) report.

Meanwhile, most of the documents used for the contract have been made available to pressure group OccupyGhana who seems to be the one seriously determined to get to the root of the matter.

We’ll continue to intimate you with further information on these as they unfold.