The Car Gift Was Taken On Behalf Of Ghanaians – NDC

Fred Agbenyo, Deputy Communications Director of the NDC has said that the controversial Mahama’s gift was accepted on behalf of Ghanaians.

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) maintains its stance on the car ‘gift’ controversy which has been flying around the media. Amid the uproar against the President’s acceptance of a Ford expedition car gift, Fred Agbenyo, A Deputy Communications Director of the NDC has said that Mahama’s gift was accepted on behalf of Ghanaians.

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He implied that the President did not accept the gift for himself alone rather, he did so for “mother Ghana”.

The NDC has tried to clear the air following a Joy FM discovery that the President received a 2010 Ford Expedition Car worth $100,000 as a gift from a Burkinabe Contractor. Critics from different oppositions have alleged that the gift was a form of bribe to the President from the contractor.

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), has already received two petitions over the matter; from the youth league of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), and a private individual.

CHRAJ has also indicated that it will investigate the matter after the receipt of the petitions accusing Mahama of conflict of interest.

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Mahama Speaks Out

After the NPP publicly expressed its ‘worry’ over Mahama’s ‘radio silence’ since the controversy, the President decided to speak on the issue. Mahama on Thursday, decided to speak up on the massive criticisms hurled at him from different people and organizations over the car gift.

Responding to the allegations of bribery and abuse of office, the President dared his accusers to go ahead and back up their accusations with proper legal actions.

Mahama during his ongoing tour of the Greater Accra Region, said publicly that baseless accusations from his critics, will not in any way, help them win in the upcoming elections.

NDC’s Agbenyo has also said the party will comply with any investigation by CHRAJ, and that it strongly believes the President’s action was done with the nation in mind.